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If you want to see more of my work, check out my web sites at and You can also check out some casual stuff at Feel free to contact me with any questions!
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A quick view of dfbailey's recent activity.

  • Country Ranch Lifestyle

    Quote:Great those cowboys look great on their horses a real cool image love it Julia

    Thanks. Those are cowgirls. Smile
    • 7 Nov 2010 7:09AM
  • Cheyenne Harmon

    Thanks for the kind comments. Did you notice this is a KTM? Smile
    • 28 Sep 2010 1:35AM
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage

    I love this shot. Great panning and motion. I love the Aston Martin.
    • 15 Nov 2009 9:10PM
  • Lamborghini Super Trofeo

    Great panning and motion in the wheels. Well done!
    • 12 Nov 2009 8:16AM
  • Caterham Mega Graduate

    You have impeccable panning skills on all your shots. Well done!
    • 26 Oct 2009 10:03PM
  • Boom!

    Well I do not know how much brilliance it was vs. luck, but thank you. It was hard to shoot while running! Smile
    • 26 Oct 2009 10:02PM

    Great capture with the dirt "flowing" up behind the vehicle. I'd rather see it in bright bold colors than the brown tone you have used, but a great capture none the less!
    • 25 Oct 2009 6:50AM
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  • Just incredible images. I'll come back to look again.
    • Posted on BERTRAM's profile
    • 23 Jun 2009 8:53AM
  • You have an incredible portfolio. You have a great eye and nice technique. You certainly have panning down. I expect you will meet your goal of winning photographer of the year in 2009.

    Very well done!