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Hello. Though I would never describe myself as a photographer, I enjoy taking photos, and using the 'digital darkroom' to make the best of the few that turn out Ok. Hope you find something here you like.
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A quick view of dflory's recent activity.

  • Dartmoor Higher Tor

    fantastic Smile
    • 11 Apr 2021 5:53PM
  • Orto e Museo Botanico

    beautiful set Trevor, and wonderfully presented as always. 👍
    • 10 Apr 2021 12:10PM
  • Thurne Dyke Windpump

    Wonderful photo. On my go to list now 👍
    • 7 Apr 2021 5:17PM
  • Emsworthy Rocks

    Stunning sky, great image.Smile
    • 7 Apr 2021 2:27PM
  • Puffin and Charlotta

    Thanks Judee, actually that is exactly what I am doing now! 😊
    • 6 Apr 2021 8:51PM
  • Giardino di Scotto, Pisa

    As always Trev, terrific set and well presented. Looks like a lovely place, makes me want to visit. 👍
    • 6 Apr 2021 11:12AM
  • The Eggs Factor

    Brilliant. Happy Easter Trev. 😊😊👍
    • 4 Apr 2021 1:24PM
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  • Great portfolio John, some lovely shots in there.
  • Some lovely images here Brian.
  • Great portfolio. I especially like the Beamish shots and HDR renditions.
    • Posted on stevenb's profile
    • 25 Dec 2020 8:00AM
  • Hi Trev, really impressed with your portfolio, and love your style. Will take a more in depth look another time, but notice we have both shot Jacobs Boulangerie in Aix en Provence. Yours is better than mine though Smile
  • Hi Norma. Some really good shots here. I am quite into blurred water at the moment and you seem to have the eye for it for sure.
    • Posted on Norma's profile
    • 8 Dec 2020 7:04PM
  • Your photos are great, it gave me a great deal of pleasure looking through your portfolio. A newbie, i've no uploads, and your work inspired me to make my first comment.