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Hatfield Forest 4

By johnnyboy114  
This is a shot without flash and a change of costume from the same series with my friend at Hatfield Forest.

Now, the angle will definitely divide people, I am aware of that, but I have quite a few shots with horizontal horizon which I may upload at some other point for comparison. Also, I am aware that her legs look like they are being eaten by the tree trunk, but from the angle I wanted to get, a bit unavoidable as there was a big hole in the middl of the stump! lol! So, if you take that into consideration that I am aware of these things, I would really love crit and comment on this. Oh and I tried to clone out some twigs and branches that were creeping into the bottom right of the image and to be honest, I have done a complete hash job on it really....the sky changes very slightly in tone there as you move across the image and I really just couldn't clone out without making really harsh lines of different tones, even with the softest "brush" for cloning there is....ANY advice on how I would do this properly would be great...thanks! Hope you like!

Tags: Sky Portrait Hat Forest Tree Boots Hatfield Dress Wildlife and nature Portraits and people Flash and lighting

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saeidNL 13 3 Netherlands
29 Apr 2010 6:30PM
Great Portraits shot,very well taken.
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 6:40PM
Thanks Saeid! Appreciated!
jools59 13 4 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 6:58PM
Hey....really nice image....I would have put a degree of motion blur in the sky and pulled the opacity down to about 35%....and start to erase from around your model and increase the opacity and erase as you move outward...for me this would smooth out the tones in the sky giving it a more even look....I cant explain it any not a really techy at these things........really great shot tho...Jools Smile
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:01PM
Thanks Jools, appreciated! I can't say I know exactly what you mean with this as motion blur is something I really don't know about or have used, but I think I kinda know what you mean....if I try it, I will definitely trying it on a copy of the image! lol! But thanks appreciate your to go away and have a go now! Glad you like, even with the failings... Smile
jools59 13 4 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:05PM
I actually dont think theres anything wrong with it at all....we are all in our way perfectionists of our own never satisfied with my images and if you asked me about my best work....well...I havent taken that yet!!!...good luck with it (why dont you ask for mods...members might be able to help you )...Jools Smile
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:08PM
Yeah, I keep forgetting to ask as I know I have the option, but I have a head like a sieve! lol! I agree, never pleased with my images most of the time and always see faults and really probably will never think I have taken my best work...I always think thats yet to come, but I never get there. But don't think thats a bad thing as it always makes me want to learn and get better I guess! But thanks for the compliment on my image though....glad you don't think there is anything wrong with it, so I guess I must be doing something! Smile
W1ldside 12 29 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:28PM
Quick clothes change Jonno ~ amazing model
Rick B
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:47PM
Thanks Rick, yeah, it was a bit covert doing that! lol! Cheers! Appreciated!
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
29 Apr 2010 7:57PM
allow mods JB I want to play Smile

johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:58PM
lol! I will see if I can do it retrospectively.... Smile Not sure I can though.... :-(
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 7:59PM
No, can't. Bugger....can send you a file?
tony64 18 204 9 England
29 Apr 2010 7:59PM
This is great Johnny and I love the angle, I think it really makes it.
I like the POV and pose very much.
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 8:00PM
Thanks Tony, the angle works for me to. I was pleased when this came out, so glad you like it! Appreciated! Smile
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
29 Apr 2010 8:10PM
ask a mod to change it for you then it can be uploaded to your upload for reference !
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 8:29PM
Johnny , perhaps its time to re-think your locations Wink

Reminds of Thelma - Louise pose (a film) , cool dynamics and lighting.

Surely she would be best placed on the highway or by a motel, something to unify your model with her background. Not sure if Hatfield has any lonely roads or tumbleweed , but you get my drift.

Set out with a vision mate. It will all come together then.
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
29 Apr 2010 8:31PM
ha ha I just done a Thelma and Louise mod already did you get the mod things sorted JB

they are behind my last upload for you for now JB

funnuer still I'm doing a Thelma and Lousie shoot tomorrow in the inky !

johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 8:38PM
Yeah, fair point Eviscera, totally get that, but we used this as a practise really, so she came with a bunch of clothes that she liked and the place really IS a forest....nowt around for miles apart from the A120, which is still a fair bit wasn't really convenient...was a good 20mins walk back to the car! lol! Totally get your drift the moment, I am using these shoots a practice, so when I feel I am up to scratch, I am going to start thinking of themes to work with...I have a few ideas already, but need to swat up on the techniques first I feel. Just the way I work....I like to know that I am competent before I do something......

Diana, not quite there....trying to figure out how or who I contact....will let you know when done... Smile
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
29 Apr 2010 11:57PM
ffs I'll get it right in a min!

ill try again
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
30 Apr 2010 12:05AM
got there Phew!

(forget the first two) they're yours already

two mods to think about

Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
30 Apr 2010 12:25AM
hope you like Smile

vibe on the ballad

johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 7:28AM
lol! You alright there Diana?!!! lol! You got there so don't worry! Wink I reckon there will be more mods coming now they are will be interesting to see the contrast between yours and the others! Really like the first one you did.....made me!

You got the soundtrack to the movie? I used to have it somewhere.....its very good......
Morgs 14 20 62 Wales
30 Apr 2010 8:48AM
This is a lot differne t from the previous shots that you posted and looks more natural as you have not used the lighting that you used previously. I liked the almost un real effect the other lighting gave as the models almost 'popped ' off the page. This is by no means inferior, but it does look more natural. I love the angle, and think that your composition makes the shot. I agree with your comments regarding her legs being swallowed by the tree, but that's something to work on the future!!
The advice by Jolls59 is good re the cloning of the background, and it will certainly mask any cloning that you do.
Another good result IMO.

johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 8:52AM
Cheers Dave, yeah, the legs thing, to get the comp, was almost unavoidable...I did take shots from above, but there was no background, only ground and mud and so on, so tried this and it was the most pleasing way of doing things really. The other way was to get her to bring her feet completely out and rest them out in front of her, which we tried, but lets just say I got more of an eyeful than I bargained for due to the shortness of the dress! So that was a no-no! lol! So, legs down the hole was the only way really. Shame, but I don't think its too bad.
The background is something I would need to learn to do. Was very good advice by Jools, but really not sure how I would go about doing it. Something for the future I reckon...

I also like the flash shots, but only took those towards the end of the day and there were a lot of hit and miss shots....I have more and may upload them nearer the end of the series and see what people think compared to the ones I have already done. I love the effect, like you, but I thought I would try some of the other shots taken while the sun was still up and nice warm light....I even have some from inside the forest itself, which are nice...will post those later too....

Cheers again Dave, appreciated your constructive comments.... Smile
freybird 16 1 England
30 Apr 2010 9:30AM
Best of the bunch so far, pose & those glasses make it for me. Geoff
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 9:41AM
Thanks Geoff! Appreciated! The glasses were mine by the way.....she looked WAY cooler than I did with! Smile
User_Removed 15 485 13 England
30 Apr 2010 10:48AM
works for me mate
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 10:56AM
Cheers Dave! Thanks! Smile
30 Apr 2010 11:00AM
another very nice picture, I like the angle of this series, i think it adds to the photos, beautiful blue sky also.
I would like to say one thing (please don't be offended ok?) I think it is cute how you always try to justify what you think are all the little mistakes in your pictures, it is like you are afraid that people will think that you made something wrong. you should be more confident with your work, I think it is obvious that by now you have become a very very good photographer, you can see that with so many positive comments you get every time.
just my thaught, sorry.
looking forward to more of this very good series
your fan, Paola Wink
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 11:58AM
Thank you Paola....thats very kind! My first fan! Wow! Wink

The reason I justify it is because of two, I am still feeling like I am learning, so I like to point out the mistakes before anyone else does as it makes others realise that I am not completely incompetant and DO realise things can be improved. It helps on peoples feedback I feel to. Secondly, a lot of people have said that its good to point things out before others as it gets the feedback moving and gets the comments going......I could be wrong on this.

So, I don't know. I know I should be more confident, I agree. I like what I do, but I also realise I can't please everyone as I still get people pointing out mistakes and things THEY don't like. Its not about what others think of course, I realise that, its what I like. BUT, if you want your images to get to a wider audience, I guess then the mistakes have to be ironed out.

Sometimes, I don't know which advice to take really......its difficult, especially when you openly invite criticism and comments, as I do. I use this to try and improve, but you do get a lot of conflicting advice (or opinions) sometimes.

But thank you Paola, very kind of you to say what you have and you're right, I should be more proud of what I do I guess. I know I am far from being the best photographer in the world, FAR from it. But I guess I am not the worlds worst either, not compared to some of the shots I see on this and other sites! Wink

Thanks again Paola.....appreciate your kind words. And no, I really, really, really am not offended! lol! Smile
jools59 13 4 1 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 2:54PM
oops typo on my info for your mod! (blush)...J
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 2:55PM
Diana....VERY gritty....think I prefer the first one of your mods though....a little more restrained, but good effect.

Jools, I LOVE this mod....very clever and I like the idea of the inspiration....I would love to have taken this shot for real though to be honest! lol! But see what Eviscera was saying and I like what you have done. Clever and well done.....cheers guys! Smile
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 2:56PM

Quote:Oops typo on my info for your mod! (blush)...J

lol....noticed it, but know what you meant... Wink
Richsr 15 91 223 England
30 Apr 2010 7:14PM
Good lots of good feedback here Johnny, can't add anything else really. Good set of mods too.
Regards Richard
30 Apr 2010 7:31PM
Lovely shots.
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2010 9:01PM
Thanks Richard, appreciated. Yeah, the mods are good aren't they? Smile And thank you Pankaj!
Glostopcat 16 255 2 England
3 May 2010 11:04PM
An excellent outdoor portrait/fashion shot, very classy
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
3 May 2010 11:09PM
Thank you Cat. Much appreciated!
21 Oct 2010 3:14AM
Loving this portrait series and I like the angle of this shot.
Makes me want to hide my flashes for a while and experiment with natural light. Not that we will get much good light now in the ever so sunny England lol
johnnyboy114 14 231 106 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2010 7:26AM
Ha ha! David, was very lucky with the weather on this shoot.....natural light was lovely and I DID have my flashes with me on this one, just didn't use them for this particular shot. More in the series, that I didn't post, had flash and weren't quite as good I felt. But glad you like them, really pleased, so thank you very much! Smile

Good luck with the weather Smile

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