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Thank you so much for looking at my portfolio.I hope that it has given you as much enjoyment as it has given me in the making of it.
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  • Small digital camera ..advice needed please !

    My daughter wants a small digital camera for her birthday from us. She isn't into photography in a big way so it really needs to be fairly simple to use. It is for taking snapshots of her small son and short videos. Price guide around 100- 150. D...

    31 Jul 2009 10:57AM | Read


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  • Still watching every hour

    Just a very quick blog as I will not be uploading for the time being. Mum's first operation on Christmas Eve went sadly wrong and on Friday night she was rushed into theatre as she was desperately ill and they had to redo all the original work and ...

    16 Feb 2009 8:55AM | Read


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  • Struggling but Happy New Year to everybody.

    I am using my blog to wish absolutely everybody a really Happy New Year. My mum has had her operation but she has contracted a kidney and lung infection since the op so is really poorly and we have been visiting every day. She is still in the High...

    30 Dec 2008 6:06PM | Read


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  • No post = FRAUD !!

    I am feeling so violated. We have had no post for about a week and four things that we have paid for haven't arrived. Also credit card statements and a letter from our solicitors. I managed to grab the postman this morning who we know really well a...

    20 Oct 2008 3:50PM | Read


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  • St Ives Tate Gallery ..have you been ?

    We went there for the first time this Sunday after mixed reactions from friends and a definite thumbs down from the children at my school when they went a couple of years ago. I will probably be shouted down in flames by some but my husband and I we...

    6 Oct 2008 3:23PM | Read


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  • Lands End Hotel tomorrow !

    It is our 30th Wedding Anniversary this month and tomorrow we are going to the Lands End Hotel just for one night. Seaview room and 48 hours of no phones or people knocking on the door..I just can't wait. I have never been there but it looks like ...

    3 Oct 2008 6:55PM | Read


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  • How do you find time ?

    I love Blogs. I love the galleries. I love Word Association even though there are some who HATE it but it makes me laugh so many times ! I was horrified to find out that I was the top forum poster for August and I will never live it down if jools h...

    23 Sep 2008 4:47PM | Read


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  • Village Shock !

    Last night an elderly man from out village who is a bit of a gentle recluse living with his son and dog was , for absolutely no reason, battered about the head with a cricket bat by a youth from a nearby town. He was battered so hard and with such vi...

    8 Aug 2008 6:07PM | Read


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  • I am a new Grandma again!

    Baby Riley born last night in less than 4 hours, weighing 7lbs and 4 ozs. He was born at home which was lovely..not our home I hasten to add ! :) We had a phone call at 12.30 am ..could we please go and buy some new born feeding teats as she had forg...

    7 Aug 2008 8:49AM | Read


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  • Candid photographing of children

    Can anyone tell me where one stands legally on this issue. This would probably be better as a forum question but forum threads always seem to stray from the original question. I teach in a Primary School and on no account are we allowed to put any ...

    1 Aug 2008 2:58PM | Read


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  • Where to go in Southern Ireland please !

    We really want to visit Southern Ireland in the next twelve months but neither of us has ever been there. Mountains , lakes or sea, small villages..somewhere really peaceful where we can just wander and relax. Hopefully we will rent a small cottag...

    4 Jul 2008 7:43PM | Read


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  • Thank you to everyone

    Tarryn was born on Saturday evening and he is such a very beautiful 9 lb baby. My daughter had a really dreadful labour which was quite scarey as she is so very tiny herself. Fortunately all is well now and she came home yesterday with strict instru...

    1 Jul 2008 9:26AM | Read


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  • A New Baby !

    My daughter Susie had her first baby last night at 11pm. Almost 9lbs ..a little boy called Tarren John unless they change their mind !:) She is really tiny..7stone and 5ft 2 so it was a huge struggle and she had to have help but they both seems fi...

    29 Jun 2008 9:42AM | Read


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  • Sleep recipes please !

    This is a new blog because once again the football is on but I have finished all school work, made my sandwiches for tomorrow, done the ironing and washed up ! Does anyone have a really good remedy for insomnia that doesn't involve taking tablets. I...

    26 Jun 2008 8:57PM | Read


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  • Grandchild 3 !!! Almost !

    Today Susie and I went to the hospital for another check up as she is now nine days late! She bounced in and I sat in horror in the Accident and Emergency room ..apparantly that is where all the midwives hang out, but I wasn't impressed as there we...

    23 Jun 2008 1:48PM | Read


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