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Please feel free to leave any helpful comments and if you wish take a look around my website.
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  • St Nectan's Waterfall by DianeFifield

    Thank you for your helpful comments what do you think of number2 version ?
    • 31 May 2011 11:03AM
  • Crashing Waves by DianeFifield

    Thank you for the comments i had just taken my zoom lens off when the wave hit the wall. I will take out some of the rocks from foreground.
    • 20 May 2011 4:53PM
  • Funky Clouds by dmhuynh72

    Great shot well done
    • 16 May 2011 10:21PM
  • Bleak House by BillyGoatGruff

    Looked at it large its a great capture well done
    • 9 Jan 2011 1:27PM
  • Pulling in the catch by DianeFifield

    Thanks everyone these were taken when i first had my SRL a couple of years ago so the settings were most likely all wrong for the shot. As there was mood in the shots i hoped to adjust and try to save them
    I will try your ideas and see how i get on
    • 28 Dec 2010 8:41PM
  • Fishermen by DianeFifield

    Thanks everyone most helpful i will do some cropping and cloning.
    Happy Xmas
    • 23 Dec 2010 6:04PM
  • British winter by chasing_tarmac

    I love the red letterbox well seen and a good composition
    • 22 Dec 2010 9:19PM
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  • Which macro lens

    I agree, the longer lens will be more suitable.
    by Kate11171 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 67
  • Polariser or graduated filter?

    Thanks guys,I have tracked down a Hoya circular polariser for 45 euros here in Dublin. Thanks for the advice. Des
    by mondmagu | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 27
  • macro lens

    Interesting post, I recently started to look at 'Macro', have a set of AF Kenko tubes. Tried them on my existing lenses, all slower, lower end budget type glass, their s...
    by bumbleb3 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 18

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  • Posted on shawpaul's profile

    Where are your photos Paul i would like to view them
    • 17 Jan 2010 2:27PM
  • Posted on dasantillo's profile

    Great pics keep persevering promoting your photos you are good
    • 24 Aug 2009 8:28PM
  • Posted on whiteswan01's profile

    Hello Dawn thanks for your comment on the bikers on the Barbican Plymouth they loved having photos taken of their machines. I was with a group of friends. Diane / Kimmsy
    Ps your photos are great
    • 23 Mar 2009 9:38PM
  • Posted on whiteswan01's profile

    Well done with your photos very good work. Thanks for your comments on my photos.
    Kimmsy ( Diane)
    • 11 Feb 2009 8:14PM

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