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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my portfolio I like to take pictures of birds and wildlife and am slowly learning about Digital Photography I value all comments and critique and hope you enjoy looking at my pictures

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  • Blue Tit

    Quote:Very well detailed and sharp Richsard but looks slightly overexposed and saturated. If you reduced these from the harsh light it would really give it some impact

    Thanks Richard have tried some correction but need more work on it thanks for the comments though

    Quote:Doesnt look natural, Its oversaturated sorry

    Again thanks for the comment Brisco like above still need to work on my post processing workflow i think

    • 22 Mar 2010 11:33AM
  • Nuthatch

    Quote:Very nice shot richard, i think ive seen that log and nutty somewhere before!

    Yeah you guessed it swell wood
    • 10 Mar 2010 10:34AM
  • Red Kite

    Really well captured love the food and kite eating in flight

    • 9 Mar 2010 1:42PM
  • Red Kite Soaring High

    Fantastic capture

    • 9 Mar 2010 1:41PM
  • Chaffinch (m)

    Lovely shot nice colour and detail think though this is a Chaffinch bramblings head is more brown than grey/blue like the chaffinch but great shot

    • 9 Mar 2010 1:38PM
  • Dunnock

    Have loaded a mod...hope it's not too far away from the original. Trying to tone down the brown background to allow the bird to be more prominent.

    lovely detail and pose

    Thanks Cats the main problem taking shots at swell is the colour I keep meaning to correct colour casts will have a look now and upload a mod myself I think

    • 8 Mar 2010 11:34AM
  • Great Tit

    Great shot Danno

    • 8 Mar 2010 11:32AM
  • Wet Robin

    Lovely capture nice colour and love the added aspect of the rain

    • 8 Mar 2010 11:29AM
  • Suspending on the branch

    What a really lovely quirky shot great detail and timing think this is great

    • 8 Mar 2010 11:28AM

    Nice image as above I would be tempted to crop a little bit more little too much dead space around the robin but still lovely shot nice detail and colour

    • 8 Mar 2010 11:26AM
  • The Bittern

    Great Shot Peter love the composition and the frost adds a nice touch I went looking last year for Bittern but alas they proved all but immpossible well there is this year nice shot

    • 8 Feb 2010 10:40AM
  • Published :-D

    Well done Joe nice set of your images to use

    • 16 Apr 2009 12:12AM
  • Chiffchaff II

    Two really nice shots Danno, V2 is better, nice detail and colour, and hasn't got the distraction of branches around the bird.

    • 12 Apr 2009 10:17AM
  • Sparrowhawk

    Three great shots Shaun love V3 great detail and composition.

    • 12 Apr 2009 10:15AM
  • Snowy Owl II

    Nice shot danno, good detail and colour too.

    • 26 Mar 2009 11:53AM
  • Long Tailed Tit 6

    What a great portrait, I love the fact that no matter how well focused you are the face always appears fuzzy and not in focus although it is, nice detail in V2 it helps to define the facial feathers.

    • 26 Mar 2009 11:52AM
  • Bird on a wire

    Great shot I love Blue Tits they are great too watch as they never sit still for long, lovely colour and detail too, really like the wire as a perch will have to try that my self.

    • 26 Mar 2009 11:49AM
  • Marsh harrier

    Great shot

    • 23 Mar 2009 10:37AM
  • Bird?

    Nice shot Mark this is an egret not sure which one but from that family tree, but nicely exposed and detailed shot.

    • 16 Mar 2009 7:26PM
  • Barn Owl

    Great shot Nigel, I really love your Barn Owl shots and am dead jealous as the one round by me only comes out when it is pitch black, lovely colour and detail too.

    • 16 Mar 2009 11:57AM
  • Barn Owl

    Great set of shots well done the detail is fantastic.

    • 15 Mar 2009 6:57PM
  • I'm Trying to eat here?

    Tony147, this is all natural light I was lucky today as the sun was really nice and I had a nice concentrated area around the stump he was on thanks for your comment.

    • 15 Mar 2009 6:54PM
  • Barn Owl

    Another stunning shot of this lovely owl, keep them coming Nigel

    • 12 Mar 2009 3:59PM
  • Same Perch, New Bird

    Nice shot Phil, nice colour and detail, love the perch.

    • 11 Mar 2009 8:23PM
  • The Conductor

    Lovely shot great timing and love the detail.

    • 11 Mar 2009 8:21PM
  • Nuthatch

    Any time you want to pop down danno I can meet up the herons are back now and really making loads of noise and nest building chance for some nice shots, thanks for you comment too mate

    • 11 Mar 2009 4:45PM
  • Crocus 8

    Ian, this is a great series and for me this is this best of the lot, I love the simple colours and detail in the flower, the water droplets give it an almost freshly picked on a dewy morning look.

    • 10 Mar 2009 7:27PM
  • Bittern

    Great capture there are bitterns on the Somerset Levels and my goal this year is to see and photograph one, nice shot.

    • 10 Mar 2009 7:18PM
  • Float on

    Nice capture, love the position of the owl and the concentration on the face as it looks down, just out of interest where did you get the camo nett could do with some myself, cheers for any info.

    • 9 Mar 2009 8:25PM
  • Do You Mind!.....Funny...ish.

    Nice shot ade, I love the eye contact really menacing stare he has, great detail and colour too.

    • 9 Mar 2009 8:22PM