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Hi, and welcome to my portfolio.

I take photographs of a wide range of subjects including landscapes, architecture, nature, transport and many more.

I have learnt much from being a member of EPZ and hope that this has had a positive influence on my approach to photography.

I try hard to upload as wide a variety of images as possible from the many sources that seem to come my way.
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A quick view of DicksPics's recent activity.

  • Snow Is Falling

    Really beautiful, Lin.

    • 25 Nov 2020 8:27PM
  • International Day Women's Against Violence

    A wonderful, thought provoking image, Lory.

    • 25 Nov 2020 8:27PM
  • when the gravedigger rings the bicycle bell twice

    An excellent composition and capture, Oliver.

    • 25 Nov 2020 8:24PM
  • Posing Starling

    A perfect pose and superb image, Carol.

    • 25 Nov 2020 8:20PM
  • Autumnal Leaf 5

    Lovely autumn colours, Cliff.

    • 25 Nov 2020 8:18PM
  • A Sprinkle of Copper

    Looks a lovely place to visit, Diane!
    An excellent capture.

    • 25 Nov 2020 8:17PM
  • Aqua

    Beautiful colours, a great composition and capture, Sherman.

    Richard Smile
    • 25 Nov 2020 8:15PM
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  • Sheer quality from start to finish, Craig - a wonderful and inspirational port folio, Craig.

  • An excellent and most enjoyable port folio, Iain.

  • An exceptionally good and inspirational port folio, Andy.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your excellent port folio, Pete - a wide variety of superb images of very interesting subjects.
    Have a good day.

    • Posted on Peco's profile
    • 5 Sep 2019 7:47AM
  • An excellent port folio, Tony.
    Superb images on a wide range of subjects.
    • Posted on Pricey's profile
    • 6 Jun 2019 5:13PM
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your impressive portfolio, Gordon.

    Richard Smile
  • I have really enjoyed looking through your excellent and varied port folio, Ian.

    • Posted on mac's profile
    • 23 Jan 2019 4:58PM
  • I have really enjoyed viewing your excellent p/f, Adam.

    • Posted on sherlob's profile
    • 9 Sep 2018 10:11AM
  • An excellent and most enjoyable port folio to view, Pamela.

  • A wonderful port folio, Sandra.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your photos.