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A quick view of didgpix's recent activity.

  • Looking Sheepish by MeanKitty

    Fabulous capture, excellent exposure and good detail.
    Poor girl she does look miserable; makes you want to bring her in doors and keep her warm.
    • 3 Apr 2007 6:57PM
  • hardwick hall park 2 by dden

    Like this very much, beautiful soft light and muted tones, excellent composition.
    • 15 Mar 2007 7:42PM
  • Grass by firehorse

    I like this, lovely simplicity with beautiful tonal quality.
    • 15 Mar 2007 5:18PM
  • Connor pass view by wasper

    My sort of landscape, beautiful light on the far hills.
    • 13 Mar 2007 8:05AM
  • Big Blue by skoffs

    Lovely close up, blue tones are excellent.
    • 2 Mar 2007 8:34PM
  • Name Please ? by skoffs

    Excellent close-up, crisp and sharp with fine detail and good colour.
    • 2 Mar 2007 8:31PM
  • Barn owl by Libby_M

    Excellent capture, well taken.
    • 25 Feb 2007 10:58AM
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  • Posted on fishy2's profile

    Beautiful p/f, a real pleasure to view.
    • 15 Feb 2008 7:53PM
  • Posted on mollsgran's profile

    Superb p/f, bird -in-flight shots are first class: bike shots are fantastic. Look forward to viewing more of your work.
    • 15 Feb 2008 7:39PM
  • Posted on skewey's profile

    Just been through your p/f and it was a real pleasure, beautiful work.

    • 8 Feb 2007 6:05AM
  • Posted on MalcolmS's profile

    Wonderful p/f, beautiful landscapes a joy to view.
    • 26 Mar 2007 7:44PM
  • Posted on chase's profile

    Your p/f is outstanding, a real pleasure to view.

    • 16 Mar 2007 6:00PM
  • Posted on albi's profile

    Your p/f is simply stunning, every shot is beautifully composed and presented with awesome clarity and outstanding detail. A real pleasure to view.
    • 15 Mar 2007 7:25PM
  • Posted on sunshot's profile

    Your portfolio is awesome.
    • 23 Nov 2006 6:50PM

Limited to latest 30 results.