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Welcome to my digital portfolio. I hope you like some of my efforts ~ perhaps you could let me know what you think. In the meantime, thanks for looking in.
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A quick view of DiegoDesigns's recent activity.

  • Portwrinkle

    Some serious cleaning up here Eric, if only life were so simple we'd be able to clean up all the litter and fly-tipping etc., without getting out of our chairs! Talking of places on the map, reminds me of Firkin Point which is situated on the west banks of Loch Lomond, I always liked the sound of it... Dave
    • 28 May 2011 7:02PM
  • Isabella's Window

    The Island is one of my favourite places, so I hope you enjoyed your flying visit. Love the detail here, all the best... Dave
    • 26 May 2011 8:57AM
  • All the little things that we need....

    Strong stuff...
    • 26 May 2011 8:54AM
  • The Lamp man

    The mono conversion certainly fits the subject AND his expression Danny. A real gritty portrait... Dave
    • 26 May 2011 8:54AM
  • Little Shambles Corner II

    A delightful scene, well worked... Dave
    • 26 May 2011 8:52AM
  • Bound To The Sound

    Well seen and so beautifully rendered Eric, I do admire your vision of the world... Dave
    • 26 May 2011 8:50AM
  • Dog Rose

    A lovely departure from your usual stunning landscape Derek, and clearly closeup lenses do the job admirably... Dave
    • 26 May 2011 8:48AM
  • You have undoubtedly mastered the capture and presentation of these beautiful flowers, a spectacular series of images... Dave
  • A masterful collection of images, quite stunning...

    • Posted on Maiwand's profile
    • 30 Jan 2010 6:47PM
  • I've enjoyed rummaging around your portfolio Jacqui, an varied mix of subjects and some interesting experiments. I'll certainly keep an eye on it for the future. All the best...

  • Without doubt a master of closeups. You have a superb portfolio Brian. Many congratulations...

  • Haven't seen your work for a while now, but it just gets better and better. You've really mastered this HDR stuff Sarah, lovely work indeed. Best wishes...

    • Posted on Sezz's profile
    • 31 Dec 2009 7:23PM
  • Have just enjoyed a short 'rummage' around your fascinating portfolio John, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, thanks ~ Dave
  • Anyone who has aspirations of becoming a landscape photographer, would do well to stroll through your most impressive portfolio. I have rarely seen a finer selection of work, inspirational indeed...

  • You have a diverse set of images in your portfolio, and I've thoroughly enjoyed wandering amongst them. Doesn't appear to be much you won't attempt, and you're to be congratulated on some fine work. Thanks

  • Your portfolio has some delightful work, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it. Many thanks...

  • I have seen elements of your work in isolation before, but until today had not seen your portfolio. Imagine then, my delight to be faced with such amazing and truly creative scenes. Amongst the many who aspire to manipulation, I think your work stands out as truly inspirational. Many thanks for sharing your vision...