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A quick view of DiegoSuarezP's recent activity.

  • Prada by DiegoSuarezP

    Hello everyone

    First of all thank you for your comments, it has been a pleasure to read them and to learn a little more of all of you.

    What some people say (especially Moira) on the legs of the chair, I had already thought about that but I did not know how to make a cut without cutting Prada's legs and with this losing the essence of the pose she adopted.

    On the other hand I would like to know what your opinion about the colors, should be cooler, or retain its warmth?

    Thank you!

    Diego Smile
    • 12 Sep 2017 5:33PM
  • Renato by DiegoSuarezP

    Thanks to all!

    You help me a lot! I am very satisfied with your advice. Everybody teach me something new, specially TanyaH, you have really clear concepts.

    • 30 Sep 2016 2:26AM
  • Fantastic Wall. by DiegoSuarezP

    Quote:A lot going on there.....where to start?


    mm i dont know.
    • 30 Sep 2016 1:59AM
  • The happiest wall by DiegoSuarezP

    I will go to the wall again and maybe during the day, to have a better light and to get in closer to the graffiti "ellas siempre ganan". Then i will upload more pictures, and you can continue helping me improve in my photography skills.

    And i have a question.
    I've noticed that you don't like the yellow light, but why? Its because is very distracting? or the picture loses a lot of details?

    • 28 Jul 2014 4:39AM
  • Street Darkness by DiegoSuarezP

    Quote:Good try and mono would work, but you have a very heavy 'flat' conversion where brighter with high contrast would suite rather better. You need to use the channel mixer or equivalent in your software to get the amounts of red, green and blue in the conversion that give the tones you want. Direct auto conversion, or shooting mono in the camera, rarely give the best result.

    Also, a bit of space on he left to move the figure just fully into the fame.


    i didnt auto converted
    • 8 Jul 2014 6:12PM
  • Flip It! by DiegoSuarezP

    Sorry about the delay. i already actualized the details of the capture!

    i liked the first modification but the difference is not so big with the original maybe i like that is brighter than the other.

    the other two you can scold me if i am wrong, i love the effect but i think that makes the picture too fake, i don't know like very agressive details? what do you think?

    • 12 May 2014 4:42AM
  • The moss scarecrow by DiegoSuarezP

    I edited trying to boost colors Moira but i like your upload, mainly because highlights moss details in the body of the scarecrow.

    Black&white really surprised me because i didn't expect that its going to work but really looks good!

    You are helping me a lot and i appreciate that! Thanks Smile

    • 10 May 2014 8:11PM
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