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07/08/2013 - 10:51 AM

The sunset!

The sunset!Hallo Kelseyk! Here are my thoughts about your image.
Theme: This is not a sunset shot - no colors in the sky and the sun is high enough. In fact this is an against the sun image. The pier is totally silhuetted and the ship almost invisible. I think you had to wait until the sun was lower.
Composition: I think this is a good and interesting composition. The black building(?) in the lower left corner can be cropped out. Also the horizon is slightly tilted to the right.
Technique: The settings of the camera are good, but this is an almost impossible capture, with the sun in the frame, so there are overexposed areas - the sun and the sea.
My suggestion for "contre le soleil" shots, is to leave the sun out of the frame and to choose subjects that give an interesting silhuette.
All the best,
06/08/2013 - 9:46 AM

Holy offerings

Holy offeringsHallo. These are my thoughts about this image:
1. Composition: Good in general, but I don't like the fact you cut off the right foot of the man in the forground. Also this part of the cloth in the left, is better to be cropped.
2. Technical issues: The image is flat, with little contrast and clarity and there is too much noise on the sky (and a strip on the right up corner). Looking at your camera settings, you have used a high ISO and a wide apperture, which are maybe the reason for the low quality of the image. Looking at the shutter speed (1/2000), it is obvious that you could win at least 4 stops and you could still have a reasonable speed (1/125). This would have allowed at least a 200 ISO and f/11. Finally I think the image is slightly underexposed.
3. Theme: Interesting theme and the scene is well captured in a moment of action, which gives the necessary story to the image.
My general suggestion is to be more careful, about your camera settings.
All the best,
30/07/2013 - 10:50 AM


PARTNERSHallo Markina. This is a nice theme and I like the framing with the boy occupying the right part of the photo. The image is under exposed, but this isn't the main problem here - you can still correct this, since you are shoting in RAW. The problem is the focus. You have used a wide apperture and that means that you wanted a very narrow depth of field. This can make interesting images, but can ruin them too, as it happened here.
You must be careful, where the focus mark on your eyefinder is. In fact your focus here is in the wall behind your subject.
The dog and the boy are not in the same level, so you need a wider DoF to capture them both in focus - an aperture of 5.6 would have been suitable here. If the lighting condition were pure, you could lower your shutter speed to 1/125 and raise your ISO.
All this is difficult to think about, when you're shooting street scenes. I would suggest in these cases temporarilly to shoot in auto mode, until you become more familiar with your camera settings.
All the best and keep shooting!
11/06/2013 - 9:34 AM

Lady in the kitchen.

Lady in the kitchen.Hallo Wimpy. I think this image is an improvement - concerning the exposure, in comparison with the previous one (The gamelan maker). I like the colors, which I wouldn't expect considering the use of flash and the close distance from the woman. I also like the dark tones in the background, helping to separate your model.
I'm not sure though why you chose this small distance and focal length, slightly distorting the model. The action and the environment are more interesting, than the woman herself. Another result of the above is the different lighting in the right and left part of the body - the right hand / head have very different tones than the left hand.
I think that few steps back and the use of a normal focal length (50mm), would have been better for this documantary shot.
All the best,
10/06/2013 - 11:18 AM

Brush strokes in the sky

Brush strokes in the skyA nice sky, wonderful colors and good exposure. The problem is that there isn't somethink interesting in the foreground to keep the eye - a house, a rock formation or something else.
There is some noise in the clouds, which you can fix by selecting them with the selection tool and then apply a filter for noise reduction.
The pattern in the sky is really impressive and you can keep this photo for future use in other shots with uninteresting sky.
All the best,
07/06/2013 - 12:45 PM

Connecting with the Nagas

Connecting with the NagasA nicely executed candid shot. I like the way the two Nagas look at something outside the frame, giving some interest to the image. Nice colors and well exposed with the exception of the sky. You have cropped out some overexposed aereas, but still the bright sky and the poster are distracting. I think that another point of view, which would not include the sky and the metal fence was more appropriate here.
All the best,
31/05/2013 - 9:31 AM

Flutterby.... Butterfly

Flutterby.... ButterflyYou have caught a nice action shot here! Nice focus, colors and clarity! Maybe an even shorter exposure time was needed here to freeze the wings, but you have reached the limits of ISO and aperture, so not so much more to doSad.
The composition is good, but it can be improved by placing the butterfly more centrally. It would have been better to include some more of the right upper corner flower, giving a target for her flight. But nothing can be done now. So I would suggest a more tight cropping.
Finally some burning of the distracting white areas, could help.
All the best, George.
03/05/2013 - 5:33 PM

Shower Clouds

Shower CloudsThis is a nice panoramic shot with interesting threatening clouds. My comments are: 1. There is an "over" bluish hue in the clouds and the ground (the pathway on the right). I think you have to reprocessing the image using less of the blue slider. 2. The fence would be better out of the center and you must decide if you need the city in your frame. If the answer is no, I suggest to remove it by cropping the right side. If yes sorry! You had to include more of this in the frame and make it your main theme - "clouds over the city". The way it is now, only distracts our attention. 3. Finally I would personaly prefer to include more of the see and less of the foreground. It would be excellent to find a higher point of view. This way you could divide your frame in 3 parts (ground, see and sky) and enhance the fence line and show more of the pathway in the same time.
All the best, George
30/04/2013 - 11:01 AM

All in a row

All in a rowHallo Steve. I think the image is a little unbalanced in the first place. The reflections on the water are not so interesting and the space in the bottom of the photo looks empty. On the other hand, the upper part of the image is too crowded, with too many objects, that distracts from your theme (the boats). I've uploaded a cropped version limiting the frame around the boats and the nice fence.
Because of the dull weather the image looks flat. I think it needs some more contrast and saturation.
All the best,
29/04/2013 - 7:57 AM

The gamelan maker.

The gamelan maker.This is a very nice documentary image. The photo is underexposed with some black areas, but I think this adds to the atmosphere and the mood. The composition is very good and I like the way all of the workers look at the fire - if only the man in the background didn't look at the cameraSad.
The saturation is low giving the image an almost monochromatic appearance, which I also like.
Possible improvements. Maybe a selective increase in the saturation of the red color, will make the fire more intense and the story more interesting. Not sure, but you can try. Also I think that the hole in the right distracts from the theme. I would suggest to crop it out.
Well done. George
Golden sun rays Bayon Temple Siem Reap CambodiaI like the composition in this photo - the steps in the foreground then the temple and the mountain in the background.
The sun ray adds to the composition, but it would look better in a darker background.
The problem is that it doesn't look like misty landscape, it looks overexposured with the sky and the leafs of the tree burned out.
This is a very difficult theme to achieve a proper exposure and I suggest to shoot in RAW format. In this case you could save some photos in the processing. Also you can change the color temperature and give a warmer appearence.
Also I noticed that you have used an aperture of f/16. You could use a wider one (8 or 11), which would have allowed a smaller ISO and shutter speed, while keeping all the scene in focus.
All the best, George.
21/04/2013 - 8:57 AM

Look through any window...

Look through any window...Very nice shot. A nice colored old door, in an abandoned farmer house. The view from the windows adds a lot to the story.
My opinion is that it can be improved. In the 1st place the tree in the right is a nice touch, but I think it distracts from the theme. A vertical framing is maybe more suitable for this shot. 2nd, I would like to see some more details in the darks. Finally the lighting. I think that a side lighting (late in the evening or early in the morning) will enhance the colors and the texture in the door.
All the best, George.
19/04/2013 - 12:36 PM


untitleDear sudip21,
This is a very dificult theme. When there is big difference in lighting from dark to light we have to decide to expose for the dark or the bright part of the image. In your photo blacks are underexposured with no detail and the bright areas are overexposured, especially the central part of the colored glass.
If you decide to expose for the bright areas, you must have an interesting object in this area. Here the part of the house we can see through the door isn't interesting.
I suppose your main object is the stained glass. In this case you had to expose for this part of the image and crop tightly around it.
I suggest in such shots, to place the camera verticall to the door, in a a perfectly horizontal position and using a tripod to take 2 shots, one for the blacks and one for the bright areas. Then you can stitch them using a program like photoshop.
All the best, George