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Thanks for checking out my portfolio, I hope you like what you see.

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A quick view of digicammad's recent activity.

  • Focus stacked Tulip


    Worth a try Roy
    • 9 Apr 2020 3:31PM
  • Lou 1

    Thanks for the feedback Robert. I'm not convinced a lhs position would work with a black background and the light being on the left of her face, but something to think about next time.

    When you say the left of her face do you mean her left or the viewers? I wanted her right side to be in shadow but I understand that is personal preference. Smile
    • 10 Oct 2019 11:31AM
  • Pyramid in the dunes

    Were yours more exotic?
    • 25 Jun 2019 5:47PM
  • Pistyll Rhyd-y-Meinciau

    Just a bit of persistence. Smile
    • 19 Jun 2019 5:14PM
  • Restharrow

    Thanks Roy
    • 19 Jun 2019 11:24AM
  • Fly on a stick

    Thanks. It seems to be suffering from compression problems, the original is much sharper.
    • 4 Jun 2019 9:03AM
  • Red in the sun

    Thanks both
    • 7 Mar 2019 9:27PM
  • Cracking portfolio and some lovely HDR work, you obviously believe the same as me, that HDR should only give itself away by the additional detail it provides. Interesting to see your shots of the Stade, one of my own favourites (currently hanging in the hall) is from there.

    • Posted on Sezz's profile
    • 16 May 2013 2:28PM
  • Nice portfolio, good to see such a variety instead of all 1 style.

  • Cor, green in here aint it?
    • Posted on stevieb's profile
    • 17 Dec 2005 7:39AM
  • Looks like Rowardennan raised the bar for you Bex. Now to maintain the standard. :0)
  • I taught him all he knows.

    Oh wait, I never could get those 1st person and 3rd person tnings right.
    • Posted on keithh's profile
    • 15 Dec 2005 3:36AM
  • Why have you got more comments than me!! :0(

    I suppose your photos are okay, if you really like that sort of thing.

    Grumble moan sniff

    • Posted on jeanie's profile
    • 24 Jan 2006 6:04AM
  • Can't really say it any better than K.

    Not only that but an excellent tour guide. :0)

    • Posted on conrad's profile
    • 9 Dec 2005 8:14AM
  • Your work often seems not to get the attention it deserves. Maybe because people assume any new photo is going to be another lighthouse shot. :0)

    Good to know you.

    • Posted on Anthony's profile
    • 9 Dec 2005 8:13AM