I like to have a camera in my bag, when I'm outdoors. Every moment may be "magic"...
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  • "Merry Christmas" :-

    Merry Christmas! My best wishes from Greece to you both, Fred!
    • 24 Dec 2019 2:04AM
  • Supper.

    Excellent composition, detail and background!
    • 2 Oct 2019 12:53PM

    Quote:small note: My daughter, who lives in the Narragansett area of Rhode Island, USA, tells me this very same moon is called the "Strawberry Moon". by the native Narragansett tribe of the Algonquain Indians---- we looked for it, but the sky was dense with clouds!

    You image is spectacular in that great light!

    I think that the "Strawberry Moon" must be more reddish, about like the "blooded moon", that was during this winter (unfortunatelly the weather was fickle, I didn't photographe it). This moon was enough white, the previous day I captured it more "strawberry" from another point, opposite of Acropolis, from where I had a view from the first moment of the moon rise. Really, it was a "strawberry moon", it was at 20:38, in contrast with this photo, which is taken one & half hour later, because earlier it was not seen from this point of view.
    Thank you Jenn for your comment!
    • 19 Jun 2019 6:29PM
  • a short smoke break in between

    An excellent composition for a candid, Oliver!
    • 19 Jun 2019 5:58PM
  • Grizzly in the Chilterns

    Excellent framing and detail!
    • 18 May 2019 7:17PM
  • Cheers

    A superb creative photography, Arne! Composition, color and detail at their best!
    All the best for your health!
    • 18 May 2019 6:46PM
  • London Plane

    Excellent composition and presentation, Philip!
    • 18 May 2019 6:34PM
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