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A quick view of Dinda's recent activity.

  • Sparrow on a Flywheel

    Like the way the colours in the bird kind of match the rusty shades on the flywheel.
    • 1 Aug 2015 7:11PM
  • Sailing By

    Yes, the light on the water really makes these Smile
    • 1 Aug 2015 7:08PM
  • Sea Defence : West Runton

    Would be interested to see a landscape version of this too Smile
    • 1 Aug 2015 7:02PM
  • Bee Reflection

    Love the colours and sharpness of the bee itself - there seems to be a double reflection - was that as shot or did you do some manipulation?
    • 1 Aug 2015 6:58PM
  • Taj Mahal

    Love this - lighting is wonderful, and retains all the detail in the building itself, but still that pinkish sunset (sunrise?) retained in the sky. Slightly reflective paving (wet?) and shadows of the people - just great!
    • 1 Jun 2015 6:35PM
  • Wild Chive Flowers

    Like the monochrome!
    • 1 Jun 2015 6:18PM
  • Tea Time

    Great shot and very clever!
    • 20 May 2015 7:13PM
  • I really enjoyed looking through your images, they are wonderful. Imaginative approach to photographing flowers which works beautifully. Grin
    • Posted on jackyp's profile
    • 27 Apr 2015 7:16PM
  • Wonderful landscapes, will be watching your portfolio and hopefully picking up some tips Smile
  • Love your imaginative approach (and the results!)
    • Posted on TanyaH's profile
    • 13 Apr 2015 7:27PM
  • Really enjoyed viewing your portfolio, particularly the b&w.
  • Enjoyed looking at your portfolio - particularly like the monochromes Smile
  • Some wonderful images here Carol.
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 13 Apr 2015 7:17PM
  • Really impressive portfolio Alley!
  • Interesting portfolio and some beautiful shots. Full of admiration!
  • Not come across your work before - impressive and thoughtful.
  • I really like the way a lot of your photos are of the bird (or even wildlife) we can all spot around our gardens or on a walk. The birds in flight are spectacular! Oh, and I'm surprised that you've not collected more 'clicks' - though I'm sure that's not your objective!