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Site Moderator. Originally from Edinburgh, now living and shooting around Rotherham.
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  • Day 7: A welcome surpriseÖ

    With today seeing a marked improvement in the weather, I ventured out to the local nature reserve again, to try to see how well the 18-270 would handle a close-up. Boy was I shocked! Bearing in mind that this is not taken with a macro lens; that ...0


    1 Sep 2011 11:39PM  |  Read


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  • Day 6: A good outlook

    I went for a short drive tonight, and just caught the last glimmer of daylight on the horizon through the cloud thatís been lingering all day. I took the opportunity to test the other extreme of the lens. Itís sharp enough to produce an A3 print,...0


    31 Aug 2011 9:30PM  |  Read


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  • Day 5: zoom zoom zoom!

    Iíve heard it said many times that a piece of equipment needs to facilitate photography, not get in the way of it. I realised today that the 18-270 was small enough that I could try something Iíve wanted to try for a while (my other wide angle zo...0


    30 Aug 2011 11:07PM  |  Read


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  • Day 4: Making an ImpressionÖ

    Iíve always loved the work of Monet. The illusion that detail could be created by just a few representative paint daubs. This is something that I like to produce in my photographs, and is one of the reasons that Iíve had a bit of a love affair with...0


    30 Aug 2011 2:02PM  |  Read


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  • Day 3: Totally ForkedÖ

    Tried out the close range abilities of the 18-270mm today. The documentation of the lens will tell you that it can focus as closely as 50cm away. In real world terms, this is only about twice the distance from the front lens element to the eyepiece...0


    30 Aug 2011 2:01PM  |  Read


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  • Day 2: First outing

    A double shift at work today left little time for photography, but I was fortunate enough to have good light on the way to work, and grabbed this on the way through. Hardly an exciting composition, but it served a purpose. I was impressed with the ...0


    30 Aug 2011 2:00PM  |  Read


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  • Day 1: The cat's out of the bag

    Or rather, the box. Today, I officially become a guinea pig. My neighbour dropped off a rather large box when I returned from work, containing a test sample of the Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD. Whilst I got to grips with the lens, my ki...0


    30 Aug 2011 1:59PM  |  Read


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  • Pintography: exposing RAW to the right

    Raw files record lots of data. In fact, they record more data than current computer screens can display. In order to view the raw file, you have to tell the computer what bits of the RAW data you want to look at. If a jpeg is like a pint glas...0


    1 Apr 2010 6:52PM  |  Read


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  • Pintography: exposing to the right

    Conventional wisdom will tell photographers that highlights are scary, and should be avoided at all costs. The 'blinkies' highlight warning becomes your new best friend, and you are led to believe that a white spot in an image is punishable by death....0


    1 Apr 2010 6:39PM  |  Read


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