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This Years Orchids

By strokebloke  

Tags: Orchid Flowers and plants

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JackAllTog Plus
13 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2011 2:39PM
How can you want critique on this its one of the best orchid images i've seen. Not harsh light spots, lovely rich colours with detail. 7 perfect blooms in a lovely curve.

I hope someone does critique so i learn something, but if no one does then please say what you don't like about it as i have notifications on and i want to see what can be better than this.

strokebloke 13 493 17 England
18 Apr 2011 3:23PM
this is the result of some ongoing critique from Willie [banehawi] [as you can see from my pf, I'm very much on 'L' plates]
Thank you however, for your kind words; it suggests that I might be getting somewhere near the mark.
We'll have to see what Willie says Grin

strokebloke 13 493 17 England
18 Apr 2011 3:53PM
I tried this shot with flash - diffusers - bounce, the lot. I just wasn't satisfied with it - I kept getting small areas that were overexposing, coupled with small areas with shadows [particularly around the 'prongs' in the centre of the LH head] So I discarded the flash, put 2/3 over comp in and blanked away the light from the window behind, with an A1 size very pale grey card.
Surprisingly, to me at least, it produced the result I wanted.
It's fair to say that this is not straight out of the camera - it has been tweaked in PS [not a lot, but admittedly, a little] Wink

adrian_w 15 3.8k 4 England
18 Apr 2011 4:04PM
Looks pretty good to me. Personally I would have liked to see a little more light from bottom front as the middle (face on) flower looks a bit dark.
Apart from that I don't see much wrong.
strokebloke 13 493 17 England
18 Apr 2011 4:11PM
I know what you mean Adrian. I tried to relieve that in PS [& failed] Sad
It's where the petals overlap so it's like a shadow on the back of the petal.
[an explanation, rather than an excuse] Tongue

pamelajean Plus
16 1.8k 2275 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2011 5:14PM
Hello, Jack, sorry it's not Willie, but I'm sure he'll pop in later.
I was disappointed to see that you deleted this image that you previously uploaded because I can't remember everything that was said under the comments. I think you said that you used white net curtains and a white board, but cannot be certain. However, I noticed that some areas of the white background were not exactly white, especially the corners, and that there were some squares showing in places (net curtains?) and I think this may have been exaggerated by your little bit of editing. It only shows a lot when the image is viewed closely, which I did for my modifications, so I ended up making it completely white.
I noticed that some of the flowers were sharper than others, and although this doesn't necessarily look bad, I have had a go with my sharpening brush. I also thought I might try to address the darker flower, as commented on above.
My first modification shows the use of the highlights/shadows option, just a bit of lifting of the shadows there.
My second modification shows an alternative option, the use of the dodge tool on the one flower, but it then looked a lot less sharp, so I selectively sharpened just that flower.
My third modification shows selective sharpening on those flowers that I felt were less sharp than others.
My fourth modification shows the whitening of the background.
paulbroad Plus
15 131 1294 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2011 6:06PM
This is very well done, and I would simply leave it alone and feel rather satisfied with what you have presented.

strokebloke 13 493 17 England
18 Apr 2011 6:24PM
Thank you Pamela.
I must confess that my very inexperienced eye can see no differences between your four mods,
You obviously have infinitely more expertise in the use of PS than I do, but I can promise you that I will, in due course, study your mods with care to ensure that I identify the distinctions, at least, as well as I'm able to.

Kind regards,

Jestertheclown 14 8.7k 255 England
18 Apr 2011 10:42PM
Hi Jack,
You've been paying attention, haven't you ! ?
I'm with Stuart and Paul with this. You'd be hard pressed to improve upon it.
We can all photoshop madly at our images to rectify perceived flaws when in reality, they're sometimes just best left to speak for themselves.
And this one speaks volumes.
Well done.

strokebloke 13 493 17 England
18 Apr 2011 11:52PM
Thank you Bren. In fact, thank you, all.
Much appreciated. Grin

banehawi Plus
18 2.9k 4334 Canada
19 Apr 2011 2:25PM
Very good result jack, and youve learned a ton in the process too, - its all about learning.

One thing to make sure of is that your monitor is calibrated also to be able to see subtle differences in shots and mods, though I personally find that the mods are sized too small to be very useful, - a large sized original should have a large ized mod in my opinion.


pamelajean Plus
16 1.8k 2275 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 2:51PM
My reasoning for the first two mods was to give you two options that you might like to use for bringing a bit more light into one particular area of an image. I admit to holding back a bit with the lightening on both, how much you do is a personal choice. I am surprised that you can't see the effect of the sharpening in V3, though, or the cleaner background in V4. If you were to print this large, I think the marks in the background would show up. Willie is right, the modifications are too small to show up subtle changes. When modifying, I put all the images together on one of my files, from the original onwards and can then flip from one to the other, and the changes are then obvious. I noticed the other day that someone duplicated their upload into the mods section as Mod1, and said that he could then easily flip from that one to the modifications and it was easier to see the changes. Anyway, I think the concensus of opinion that it's fine as it is, and perhaps I am being too picky.
Jestertheclown 14 8.7k 255 England
19 Apr 2011 3:21PM

Quote:perhaps I am being too picky.

I wouldn't say that Pamela.

Any change, whether others consider it an improvement or otherwise, is always a good idea. Simply because we all see, or don't see, things the same way. You could have spotted a tiny but fundamentally important blemish or error that I may have overlooked.
Also, any advice or critique posted on here is hugely useful, not only to the OP. but to us all. I read the critique on all the images posted here, even if I don't make a contribution and often pick up a gem that I wouldn't have noticed or thought of by mself.
My feelings re. this shot and why I suggested leaving it alone were that to have altered it I would have found myself wondering what to do next once I'd gone beyond the obvious, checking levels etc.
I've arrived at that point sometimes with my own images and have gone down the road of altering things in the hope that I'd somehow be improving the shot. Only to find,. some time later, that I should have gone for a coffee in the first place and kept the original!
Please keep the mods. and the advice coming.
As it says on my pf; "There's no such thing as bad criticism!"


strokebloke 13 493 17 England
19 Apr 2011 5:27PM

Quote:...... and I am pleased to see only a small bit of description in the border which actually enhances the shot, whereas logos often detract.

Frank, I have to admit that the quality & quantity of the description was the result of following Willie's inspiration, even down to the font. So I can take no credit for that subtlety.

Quote:I am surprised that you can't see the effect of the sharpening in V3, though, or the cleaner background in V4.

Pamela. I did as I promised, & spent some considerable time viewing your modifications last night. I can now see what you have done, and I appreciate it immensely, both for the commitment to constructive critque in doing it, & the time it must have taken you [no matter how proficient you are in PS Grin] My inability to see & perceive is a reflection upon my ineptitude, not in any manner indicative of your ability to critique & modify, where necessary. So please.................

As Bren says,
Quote: Please keep the mods. and the advice coming.

One of my problems Pamela is, knowing exactly what I'm supposed to be looking for. Tongue

If you have the time to peruse the 'Blower Bentley' critique , you will begin to understand what you are up against Grin Grin

Finally, thank you Willie .....
Quote: and you've learned a ton in the process too, - its all about learning.

And so much of that learning process & encouragement is down to so many of you good folk on here.

I do sincerely appreciate it [& I will continue to put as much effort into the learning as so many of you are putting into the teaching] Grin

pamelajean Plus
16 1.8k 2275 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2011 5:57PM
Aaaawh, thankyou so much folks, I feel so much better now.
You take all critique on board, Jack, and are one of the few who appreciate it and respond to it, and I am sure all the Critique Team appreciate that very much. Willie is right, the modifications are too small for slight adjustments to be recognised sometimes.
OK, I did get a bit despondent when you couldn't see the difference, but I wouldn't stop critiquing, don't worry about that. I have very little in the way of technical advice to offer, but my aim is to try to help others where I can, simply because of all the help I have received on this site myself. During my learning period (not that we ever stop learning), I remember what it was like to re-do a picture following advice and then to have it knocked down once again! So I apologise for that, but holding back would not help you to progress. So many pictures on this site get the thumbs up when there are obvious flaws, which is a shame because the poster will think it's fine. I must get off my soap box.
Keep up the good work, Jack.
strokebloke 13 493 17 England
22 Apr 2011 6:28PM
Your soap box is fine with me Pamela, & so is your obvious expertise.
So long as you appreciate that for at least the duration of 2011, you're dealing with a 'photographic-lemon', we'll get on famously.

Kind regards,
5 Jan 2012 5:37PM
lovely image and present very well.
I do really like Pamelas last modification upload best of all but your origional image is also very good.

1881 10 India
20 May 2012 6:51PM
10 Jun 2012 12:32PM
For me this is a bright clean sharp capture with all the fine detail of the flower being fully retained nice work a pleasure to view

10 Jun 2012 9:48PM
Beautiful,well done..Lin
bobsblues 12 10 2 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2012 10:20PM
Why would anyone want to modify or critique this shot, yes everyone see's something different and its all down to personal taste I can't fault it but obviously others can see something they think could be be better .Yes there is room for critique on some shots mine for example or far from perfect and I personally have learned a lot from this site but if you like it show it and let the voters decide.
rayme330 10 17 1 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2012 10:40AM
I 'll give you a critique - absolutely wonderful!
Don't change a thing, the comp, colour and tonal range are excellent.

Mavis 20 143 2 England
1 Aug 2012 9:33AM
A rather lovely Orchid Jack. Perfect in my opinion, but only mine Smile. Only thing I would do is give it a finer frame

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