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  • I have to admit to being an infrequent visitor to this site these days. It used to be my first task after logging on each day, I would read the 'photographic news' then look at the first 5 or 10 pages of thumbnails. Anything that captured my imagination got a vote (though very rarly a comment). The new layout makes this more difficult, the 'news' is no longer dated, so I only read the first one or two, assumig that I passed over the others on my last visit. The thumbnails now nead to be searched out and though I occasionally take a look (and steal the odd idea) I can never remember how to find the 'vote' option. I know this probably reflects a lack of brain on my part, but there is no useful incentive to vote, so why bother. I do have one or two peoples pages tagged and look at these, but again the votes seem to depend upon interelationships rather than the image quality. One of my friends (I will not name him) is good with words and expert at founding frienships, he always gets at least 30 votes. Another that is at least as good a photographer seldom reaches double figures. So one askes, why bother? Please don't think this is intended as a 'put down' for ephotozine, I think it is a geat web site, though I really wish it would return to the simplicity of it's original concept.
    Regards David
  • I'm using lightroom on a Vista 64 bit machine. No problems to date. ;o)
  • £225 sound like a gift to me. You should end up with a thousand orders to cover other peoples weddings, provided your photography an organising ability are up to the task. Good luck, try and remember that this is a once only event with no option for retakes ;o)
  • One can follow Hogarth’s line of beauty, position the subject on the golden thirds or just snap away, but EVENTUALLY you begin to see. This can take a lifetime (or if you are very lucky, you are born with ‘the eye’) but practice helps to develop it. Criticism helps to develop it and with luck, one day I may take a reasonable photograph.
  • Just dwlete or turn off the text layer in photoshop!
    Or if you have saved it as a Jpeg, then the easy wat is to clone it out. alternativly just start again.
  • Has anyone any idea where I can find a portable printer that will produce passport sized prints direct from the camera or from a compact flash card, without using a computer?
  • Nothing has been the same since we stopped using wet plates!!!!!!
    Sorry but all that is important to me is thinking of an image that conveys my intention. That is the 'ART' of photography, all the rest is just ways to express the original thought. I have painted with a flash gun, dropped exposed film in boiling water and then into ice, sudosolorised (is that how you spell it?)and even made my own camera, but these are just tools to assist me. nothing is cheating if it creates the desired result, though in truth I would never use a picture for any part of my image that I had not personally created.