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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my little corner of EPZ.
I hope you can find the time to have a look & make some comments.
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  • Y ?

    Although some of us shed a few tears today for lost ones, we do also have a few smiles as well when we remember all the good times....
    This definately brought a smile to my face, even if I'm not too sure Y.....
    Love it.

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 10 Nov 2013 5:53PM
  • Saturday Shadows

    What a fantastic capture the shadows of the palm trees, & taken from the 17th floor as well...WOW!!!! I can't even stand on a chair without feeling queezy.......

    So pleased your dad is OK ..

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 10 Nov 2013 8:50AM
  • Scenes from a Waiting Room

    Wow...super set of images here really have got the "eye" for this kind of photography.
    For no reason, I like V4..


    • 27 Oct 2013 8:29AM
  • Brassolaelia 'Yellow Bird'

    This is beautiful......I love the composition & lighting & the detail is awesome.

    Well done Andrew & well done to your mum for choosing this little beauty..

    Sorry if I have not commented a lot lately, only every time come on here I have to log in for some unknown reason, & sometimes it doesn't is a good day, except that the Dr; has just told me I have Laryingitis & have to drink lots of fluids & rest my voice, are well, keep smiling..

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 21 Oct 2013 1:58PM
  • Rocky Beach

    A stunning capture with wonderful detail & colour.

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 20 Oct 2013 9:30PM
  • Frenzy

    That is amazing..

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 20 Oct 2013 9:28PM
  • Frangipanis

    Your mum knows the best nursaries to go to if you can get wonderful images like these three beauties.
    Love how you have captured the light on the little flowers, against the darker background.
    My favourite has to be V2..

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 16 Oct 2013 11:57AM
  • Sunrise at Brodick Bay


    • 15 Oct 2013 10:59AM
  • Now thatís just plains cupid

    Oh what a little beauty Andrew...fantastic capture.

    Thanks for comment on my rose.....I realised what Carol was talking about but I should have taken more care when taking the shot.....

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 14 Oct 2013 7:55PM
  • Brightness.

    Thanks Carol.......I was concentrating so much on the rose I forgot about the background....The greenery was from another rose bush & the rest is the house, which is about 25feet away, still no excuse, should have sorted it..

    Thank you Peter..
    • 14 Oct 2013 8:32AM
  • Poppy in Sunlight the composition.

    • 14 Oct 2013 7:57AM
  • Drop Shadow

    Absolutely stunning......amazing detail & colour to the leaf & the droplet looks just like an Emerald.
    A simple image, but speaking volumes....

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 13 Oct 2013 10:14PM
  • Two Detours

    Two beautiful captures Andrew.....Can't see anything wrong with V1, it's a wonderful image.
    Love those droplets in V2 , catch the light really well.

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 13 Oct 2013 10:12PM
  • Stolen Jewels

    I think they are really lovely.
    Love V2.
    If you bring your flowers indoors use some black velvet as your background, I find it works a treat.
    Also if you have Photoshop try the Selective Colour & go for the black, it does darken your background without effecting the other colours.
    • 12 Oct 2013 1:26PM
  • The Cat

    I so love this image....nature at it's best.
    The formation of the tree roots is fabulous & as others have already said the cat is a bonus.
    Well spotted & very well taken.

    I refuse to make a comment about your title for this image on the grounds that I might incriminate myself...nuff said!!!!!

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 10 Oct 2013 9:30PM
  • "Amanita Muscaria"

    What can I say when it's all been said before I got here.....

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 10 Oct 2013 9:17AM
  • "It's Ena Again"

    Absolutely amazing got it just right.
    Perfect colour, perfect detail & a perfect rose....

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 10 Oct 2013 9:14AM
  • Claud Monet

    Wonderful effect.

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 10 Oct 2013 9:08AM
  • Astromeria

    One of my favourites...this flower really loves the camera.
    A beautiful image.

    Hilary (*_*).
    • 10 Oct 2013 9:07AM
  • Lisianthus

    Beautiful images Ivor, especially V1.
    Gorgeous colours & detail.
    How did you get that great effect, did you use photoshop?

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 10 Oct 2013 9:05AM
  • A Bird's Eye View

    Wow, that is amazing Alan.
    Wonderful colours & detail.
    At first glance I thought it was a Christmas bauble.....would love that on top of my tree..

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 10 Oct 2013 7:46AM
  • Oystercatcher

    Looks amazing.
    Well caught.

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 10 Oct 2013 7:23AM
  • Winging It

    I love it.
    Colour & detail are fantastic.
    I can just imagine him twittering to himself behind that leaf, so funny.

    Lynnes caption is hilarious.

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 8 Oct 2013 10:23PM
  • The Obliging Elf

    Fantastic Andrew...your sense of humour always amazes me.
    A wonderful way to start off my Monday's 06-32 GMT over here..
    Hilary xxxx
    • 30 Sep 2013 6:33AM
  • Laurel and Hardy

    These are two beautifully captured images Andrew.
    You must have taken an age to work out the best way to take them, but well worth the effort.
    Although I would love to eavesdrop on the conversion of the people in V1, I have to say that V2 does it for me this time.....just something there that took my breath away.

    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 29 Sep 2013 9:53AM
  • Grumpy Gus

    Oh dear, he does look in a bad mood, now Andrew you should know better than to upset your models!!

    Wonderful detail & I love the beautiful colours....Great photo..

    Hilary (*_*).xxxx
    • 28 Sep 2013 11:34PM
  • "An Unlikely Couple"

    Wow, such brilliant colours & lovely detail.
    Love the composition of this image & the little "guard" on duty .

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my Dahlias.

    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 28 Sep 2013 11:30PM
  • Standing guard

    Blimey, I wouldn't like to upset him, he look to be in such a bad mood...
    Wonderful capture with great colours & detail.
    Hilary (*_*)..
    • 28 Sep 2013 11:23PM
  • eye can see you!

    Absolutely superb captures.....Hilary..(*_*)..
    • 26 Sep 2013 9:06PM
  • Olive-Backed Sunbird

    What a little beauty.
    An awesome capture Andrew & the lighting is amazing, as is the detail of all the tiny feathers.
    Hilary (*_*)xxxx
    • 26 Sep 2013 8:33AM