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Begging - behind the truth

By dotpix      
Good Day to all....

Another story from Shah Yaqeeq my traveling experienced. When I shot this picture, I can't see his face, I know in this picture there is no horrify looks, but in the real you can't be able to see directly his face.

He is one of beggar in Shah Yaqeeq. He has one clear hole at the top of the Nose, he hasn't any teeth in the mouth, also lips and eyes looks like a self destruction for begging, also his hand, not in this picture, but I'll upload his next full picture then you'll see his hand also, I'm sure which are treated by his or any one else.

(Read detail story in the comments area)

Thanx for comments.


Note: During this shot, I wasn't able to manage Camera's functions, so plz don't critique this shot.

Tags: Photo journalism Travel Beggar Landscape and travel Portratir Portraits and people

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dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
5 Mar 2007 6:36AM
Continue Story....

In Pakistan and India, every beggar has this type of human effects. There are many MAFIA behind this story. They treated peoples like, cut their hands, legs, mouth, ears, damage their eyes, face (just like this one) also treated with ACID which is make XTRA bad looks, for other peoples who really feel sorry for them, and through some penny........ Very ugly and most treated face or body get more than an average Master Degree holders person daily wages. Also the MAFIAS are most powerful group in this 3rd world; they ruled Police and other Government Security Sectors like Armed Forces and C.I.A.

Everybody knows in Pakistan many places like huge markets corners, or roundabouts, or Traffic Signals, which are rented 50K (Pakistani Rupees) / Month. (Conversion equals in Pound Sterling 423£ and US Dollars 833$). Graduate and Master Degree holders per month average salary is 20K, in this profession Mafia he gets +70K /m, what a huge Profession. This is not my imagination or rough idea; this is the fact which is come from Pakistan Humans Rights Association, published in Newspapers a year ago. During Ramadan (The biggest month for Muslims, when all Muslims near to Allah (God), they prays and fasting for Allah (God). In this month every Muslims spend their money in the name of Allah (God) itís called Sadqa in English you can say Charity for poor person; places like shopping malls and markets, rented for 1 to 3 lacks /m. Police also charged the Mafia at least 1000K/ day/ spots.



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5 Mar 2007 8:27AM
gripping story. I've heard about the disfiguring/self-disfiguring. Aparently it happens here in Thailand as well. In the end it just leaves me speechless. My mind just can't grasp the horror of it, or the horror of the money machine behind it.
KingArthur 11 8 Malta
5 Mar 2007 8:52AM
Wow I'm speechless ... so horrible!

BigK 12 8
5 Mar 2007 8:53AM
I live in a very different world - if it wasn't for photography many like me would never know that this is happening. It makes one think, all we ever here of about countries like Pakistan are nuclear weapons, terrorist pockets etc - never the human heartache of everyday life.

Thank you for your photojournalism, more is needed to open the worlds eyes.

dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
5 Mar 2007 8:55AM
Well said Koen...

Try to explore the world and tell us a story... This is the compaign what I started now... I'm sure not everyone like this kinda story, but I like it and I want to share with everyone........

How speechless I can uderstand, Koen, you are not only speechless, also Clickless... Smile

dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
5 Mar 2007 9:21AM
No, I'm not agree with Kirk, due to Media war, Indians and other news agencies shows us, like terrorist, but no the story is too different, no body knows, until visit Pakistan, we are also facing Terrorist Attacks from Afghanistan, from Indians. Most of our News Media busy with Pornography or dancing or Musics.... They are not doing their jobs.

You know Kirk, in Pakistan very easy to get National Identity Card and as well Passport? Its really easy, money money money and money......... We are in 3rd world, and our requirement is only money...

You are not realized or watched the program of Taliban in Discovery Channel, they clear the facts of Pakistani Terrorist, all Afhagni (Afghanistan Taliban), get the Pakistani Passport and ID with the spendind of little amount. And after that they doing what they want to do under the Pakistani Passport... This is the fact, My traveling experienced out side Pakistan, its really horrible... They treated me just like Terrorist... I didn't complaint coz media totally changed out side Pakistan. Everyone blvs that we are terrorist, and everyone terrorist... But when you visit Pakistan, you'll see "Are we able to start terrorist attacks for anyone?" Coz everyone here busy with their struggle for Food, for money, for own home....

I'm just shocked to hear that Kirk you said we are Terrorist and have Nucelar War heads, what about USA? what about UK? what about Germany? France, China, Russia, and one of the biggest enemy for mankind Israel? They are all Nuclear Powers, what about them? We are Pakistani never used Nuclear power, but USA did that with Japan... What about that? I know we are Muslims thats why everyone not accepted us as a Nuclear Power.... Am I right........

But open your eyes also Kirk, plz read the detail news from International Human Rights, you'll understand the facts and figure...

Kirk, I'm really sorry if I shouted at you, just because I was little bit emotional during read your comments.... Plz don't mind it... but this is the truth what I want to say that.


AlanBW 12 20 England
5 Mar 2007 9:26AM
A heartbreaking image and story, excellent photojournalism
User_Removed 15 39 6 Scotland
5 Mar 2007 10:16AM
What can I say that has not been said beneath every face lies another story, beneath every political speech lies another alternative motive, beneath every charity lies someone willing to corrupt the system and behind every smile lies heartace that we can not as one people on this earth get along.

Take care

dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
5 Mar 2007 10:27AM
Well said, Victor....

5 Mar 2007 11:53AM
Impressive story. francois.
chodge987 11 20 Scotland
5 Mar 2007 12:36PM
Why has the world to be like this... But Why?

Gripping image and story, you did very well researching.

GeorgeRusky 12 1 4
5 Mar 2007 1:20PM
Yes, Dotpix,
That's real life, that's how it works in this part of the world.
Sad story of the society where a human life costs not much.
Thank you for the picture and the story.
Thanks for the comments, too.
Mjhearne 11 432 4 Scotland
5 Mar 2007 1:32PM
A gripping story and a result well captured....
Special work! Well done!

NevP 12 853 13 Canada
5 Mar 2007 2:34PM
I think you are brave to take these shots, post them and tell the story. Good work.
macdaniel Plus
12 16 3 Netherlands
5 Mar 2007 4:28PM
Kursheed, I don't like this image! I gave a click for I hope it will get 30 or more clicks so it wil land in the Readers' Choice award gallery for to get more attention, or better to give your powerful words more attention.
You are a brave man, braver than me! But don't become a blind fanatic; stay reasonable. There must be many kindhearted Israeli too. The threat are bad leaders.
Maiwand 11 3 73 England
5 Mar 2007 4:55PM
Kursheed I applaud you for posting this shot. Its not nice to see but it is the real world and the more people that are made aware of it the sooner somthing may happen. Sadly however this type of thing is too deeply engrained in some countries and, I suspect, it will remain for a long time to come.
You are indeed a brave man.
shortski 12 3 1 England
5 Mar 2007 5:02PM
I have heard of the self-mutilation to beg trend, to be driven to this length life must be unimaginably hard and frightening, i cannot imagine such a life and know how lucky i am, my heart and thoughts go to this knid of tragedy daily i only wish that there was something positive that could be done, but unfortunately as Victor points out there is so much corruption between countries and charities that you wonder how you can possibly effect a difference, i admire you for bringing this to our attention and for telling it how it is, this is one of the most important kinds of photojournalism in my opinion....a disturbing but great picture that reminds us how lucky we are......jojo
BertC 11 29 Malta
5 Mar 2007 6:00PM
A striking story .... a strong disturbing image that reflects the horrible realities that surround us.
5 Mar 2007 10:10PM
Kursheed, there are good and bad everywhere. It's good you are trying to wash-out the not so good impression Pakistan has. The terrorist attacks everywhere made it very difficult for Muslims, which is wrong. I was watching a TV show some time back, and in that they asked a question - 'whenever there's an terrorist attack, a muslim is involved'. It is a very very painful statement and I thought and didnt find any answer to it.
I respect Muslims, there are many friends and they are amazing people. But due to some people of this community, the entire community is suffering, which is wrong.

Kursheed, you are doing a good job, making people expressing their views, I believe it's worth doing it. Cheers!
KamranW 11
6 Mar 2007 7:26AM
I have read the story of begging trend and realize ... So far where the economical conditions of poor countries ... towards the down sizing they adopt different ways of earning ... the entire system engulf from time to time inniates negative approach. What one can say about the Mafia behind and agency get involved instead of controlling the law and enforcement of the country ... such types of cases are mostly part of third world countries ... as I mention the poor economical conditions. By the way its a good approach to identify the truth, whats happening around in this beautiful world. Whereas the politician of the country delibrately take part to deny the truth, one must conciously understand the facts about the entire world, before criticizing each others on the hot issues of terrorism. Because truth cannot be hidden. The Bread & butter in the entire countries of the world, properly divided among the people ... jobs are open, education are free, justification of law proper applicable. Hell can be changed into Heaven. Excellent work
dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
6 Mar 2007 7:43AM
I'm agree with Alfred (Macdoniel), yes you are absolutely right, I must forget to tell this things too, every where, every super power wants others on the knea... Why? I never get it, I never heard it, I never heard any news which I think this is the reality. I don't know why, coz I'm super realistic? or over realistic. But blv me no body blvs or even think in Pakistan to captured, tourchred, or demolish the Israel, coz we are very loving person, we are just busy to struggling for better lifes here... I already told you that its very easy to get National Identity Card and Pakistani Passport here to spend just little penny. Thats why Afghani (Afghan Taliban) came to Pakistan (Already we've more than a 500000 during Rusian War) so they travel to our main city without any problems and get the ID and Passport. This is really a true thing, you can find this reall story from International Human Rights.

I blvs after this story you'll not think that Pakistan is a bad country, coz this country on a bad pplz hand, they are crroupted and only lives for money.

And about the Kanu comments, you are absolutely right, I know whenever I heard any news for terrorist attacks, before news caster next comments I know the answer, behind the attacks only muslim involvement. I know why, you know the word Jihad? They are miss-consuption and miss-ussing of this opportunity which is came from Allah (God) in the Holy Book Qurran. The actual meaning of Jihad what Allah (God) give us, is fight with our own evel thoughts and wishes its called in Arabic NAFS. In the Qurran or our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never teach us or never tell us to do the Jihad, Killing the Mankind never ever, this is the miss-consuption of other religions and some Muslims community like Talibans.

I blvs what Allah (God) and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is saying to us, I never blv what MULLA (The Islamic Knowledgeable Men) are saying. If you want to know the assence of Islam about Jihad, and you know the person name Kanu, Mr. Zakir Naike, he is the person I really like him alot, coz he is very loveable and peacefull Islamic Knowledgeable Man arround the Globe and he lives India. He described the Jihad what is it.

Sorry for very big lecture, and if I hurted you guys plz forgive me, coz Allah (God) likes the forgiveness... Every Mankind belongs to Allah (God) why we are fighting, teasing, blaming, or hating with others? Try to make it better place for everyone... Peace and love for everyone, no matter who are they, Jews, Chrisitan, Budhist or Muslims.

Thanx to everyone who intrested to find out the truthness.

God Bless you all.


trissie 11 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2007 9:18AM
A heartbreaking story and image, very sad.

Trish x
Shroomer 11 14 167 England
6 Mar 2007 12:21PM
This photograph certainly brings home the plight in the world and how lucky we are. Great photo journalistic shot. It certainly brings the point home.
User_Removed 13 825 Lithuania
7 Mar 2007 5:28AM
very sad and tragic image!... the real world!... far away from the desensitized and manipulated world we in the west experience!
bengsays 13 13
7 Mar 2007 1:47PM
a very telling image here. I would say the photo is fantastic, but the subject matter is rather sad. You've captured this individual well though, and your story certainly adds some depth to the shot.
9 Mar 2007 1:11PM
a powerfully engaging image!
dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
14 May 2009 9:21AM

Quote:Kursheed, I don't like this image! I gave a click for I hope it will get 30 or more clicks so it wil land in the Readers' Choice award gallery for to get more attention, or better to give your powerful words more attention.
You are a brave man, braver than me! But don't become a blind fanatic; stay reasonable. There must be many kindhearted Israeli too. The threat are bad leaders.

Yes I'm sure Alfred... and very sorry if I hurt anyone hearts... you know why God (Allah) never like and forgives those who hate, killing down, racism, hurt people and dislikes His peoples... God create all creatures and He loves 75 time more then mother love her child... what our Prophet said, and what Allah saying in everywhere in the Holy Quran... But I'm really sorry If I hurt anyone or you Alfred... Specially Israelis. Please forgive, just need your and all of hurting people from my words or photography. Because if you don't forgive me, I'll never receive forgiveness from the God. I'm feeling guilty of my words... May Allah (God) forgive us to make this world Peaceful together.

And really sorry for very late coming to your comments... due to busy with my own business and had no time to visit here and give you my real Quote for your comments.

CherryMartin 10 10 United States
20 May 2009 2:22AM
How sad that humans can be so cruel.
Wonderful that you have a camera to tell the story.
dotpix 14 5 Pakistan
2 Jun 2009 4:43AM
Thanx Martin

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