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  • Here's a new one

    Ha-ha I like the idea of these......too late anyway I delete these straight away.
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  • Bird only gallery filter

    "It's all true. I've just seen a video of Stolzy at home." :) well that put a smile on my face this morning, excellent. d.
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  • Who needs some money

    Hope she knows her BSL :(
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  • What`s the point?

    Hope it doesn't go off again! :D
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  • YOGA

    Well just completed this DVD so thanks for your input. Easy work, only one instructor and one student + a mat with grid lines. This was Yoga for lower back pain ?.........
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  • Thankless job?

    My girlfriend and I went up to Aberdeen to see her grandparents this summer. It was the first time I was to meet them, and the first time in many many months since she h...
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  • Good Old NHS

    "Since we are getting stuff off our chests and minds..." Gary, read your story with some degree of thankfulness that it wasn't me (which I'm sure you understa...
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  • Posted on mohikan22's profile

    Just a little bit disappointed, came here looking for shots with the Bigma (maybe my next lens).
    Only seen one, excellent shot by the way and also an excellent PF.
    I will go and search for others with this lens.
    • 4 Feb 2009 3:28PM
  • Posted on blackbird's profile

    I seem to have missed a lot of your work, not been too well recently so never had the time to look in.
    What a great pf, as a portrait lover I was drawn to 9, really well taken. Also I`m not a flower man but your EC is excellent.
    You seem to have mastered photography in a very short time.
    • 30 Jun 2008 5:17AM
  • Posted on annaliese's profile

    Hi Annaliese, I have been clicking your work for some time now and I am very impressed. The "Goldengirl" shot is the best ever. Must be what you might call the Bodmin Moore Beauty. She has your likeness, perhaps your daughter. I hope I see more pictures of her and I hope one day to be as good as you at taking portraits.
    I have checked out your portfolio and I think it is excellent.
    • 5 Mar 2006 12:06AM

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