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Hi folks - thanks for looking in on my images. Hope you find some you enjoy.
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A quick view of DP_Imagery's recent activity.

  • Royal Bengal Tiger 'Arrowhead'

    Thanks Mike and hi Tom and Daisymaye - good to see you guys still on here! Thanks also for the UA Tom - much appreciated.
    • 27 May 2020 4:50PM
  • Lost in thought

    Beautiful and gentle!

    Excellent mood study Grin Bruce
    • 27 Jan 2017 11:07AM
  • Reflection

    Thanks for the votes guys - much appreciated
    • 7 Dec 2016 9:14AM
  • [relaxing]

    Superb concept and realisation - great result.

    • 24 Dec 2015 11:41AM
  • AH

    Beautiful work - sublime lighting

    • 19 Nov 2015 9:20AM
  • Jemma-Louise

    Many thanks Fred and Don Grin
    • 31 Aug 2015 5:36PM
  • The Lady and the Umbrella

    Thanks Fred Smile

    Thanks Pranav Smile

    And thanks to all you voters too Grin

    • 1 Aug 2015 5:03PM
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  • Just found your pf - fabulous surreal and creative imagery.

    • Posted on Nick_w's profile
    • 3 Jul 2012 9:28AM
  • Inspirational work - wonderful technique and fabulous use of colour and tone.

    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 13 Feb 2012 11:15PM
  • Superb portfolio - don't know how I've missed your work. Will keep an eye out from now on. You do some inspired and inspiring studies.

    • Posted on beckas's profile
    • 6 Apr 2010 5:56PM
  • Thanks for your pf comment - very chuffed. Ditto for yours too - very varied and beautiful work. Will be keeping an eye on your images now that I've found them

  • Seriously wonderful work. Can't imagine how I missed it for so long.

  • Your pf is inspired and inspirational.

    • Posted on angie44's profile
    • 18 Feb 2010 10:54AM
  • You have a terrific pf and wonderful style - which is incredible coming from one so young. You keep this up and you will go far with your photography. Well done indeed.

  • Thanks for you comment on Kelsey series. Thought I'd check out your pf and wow! Though it's not an area of photography I have delved into, the quality of your images shouts out clearly from the page.

  • Superb gallery - lots to learn from.