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  • Dave,

    I'll probably be arriving quite late as I won't be leaving Manchester till late afternoon so put the key under the mat !!

    See you later

  • Angie - don't know what the payment details are could you PM them to me please?

  • I know your away on hols at the moment Dave, but I'd like to put my name down to come to the meet too.

    I'll contact you when you get back if thats OK

  • Thanks very much to everyone
  • Thanks Boyd
  • Trying to drum up some interest in the Fun Friday competition, that I've inherited for this week from Boyd.

    There is a modifiable photo in my portfolio please have a go - could be a badge or a half price membership in it for you!

    Please do your funniest - result will be announced on Monday


  • Thanks Laura - doesnt seem to be many people wanting that badge!

    Need to re-advertise with another thread!
  • Nice one guys
  • Angie, Mark I don't understand why your having problems with your replies.

    Keep trying - the badges are (I'm reliably informed) worth there weight in tin. And the half price membership is worth at least 50% off an e2 membership!!!

    Come on people give it a go!!

    Mattw - ....into trouble ? what did I do ??


  • Not being one to break with tradition and long established protocols.

    I've posted a modifiable image here Fun Friday 15 Sep 06.

    Please do your funniest - result will be announced on Monday
  • Thanks Boyd - I'm reliably informed that my badge is now in the post and so is your cheque.

    I will be posting a fun friday pic tomorrow so hopefully it should draw some fun posts.


  • Got my ugly mug on there, luckily the pin missed where I live by about 10 miles.

  • Thanks guys,

    The Auto setting is way off - lesson learnt here (for me) is don't use Auto WB I suppose!

    Would have thought that a camera with the spec of the D2X shouldn't be that far out though.

  • Thanks Dave will see you early next week!

    Thanks hudster
  • Thanks Laura,

    Good luck with the career!

  • Thanks Dave,

    I'll take you up on the invite over - I'm staying with my 12 year old son for a week (Sat 22 - Sat 29th).

    Let me know where you are ( or should I ask locally for the guy with the limp?).

    Thanks Andy,

    Great list of locations there

  • I am currently having a few problems with my recently purchased D2X - the Auto WB setting tends to create a very yellow hue to the pictures when they come straight out of the camera.

    Any suggestions as to what this might be?

    I've bought an "ExpoDisc White Balancing Filter" which should arrive in the next couple of days to hopefully get better results from a custom setting.
  • Andy/Paul

    I'm staying at the Cameron House Hotel in a "Log Cabin" , which is supposedly on the banks of the Loch.

    Looking forward to some major relaxing de-stressing photography. Hopefully the weather will be kind, would welcome any suggestions within driving/walking distance.

    Thanks for taking time to respond

  • Hi = looking for a bit of advice from any members that have visted Loch Lomond or the surrounding area.

    Could you please advise me where the best photo locations are in this area of Scotland?
  • I didn't think the point of this site was to vote to get votes in return.
  • I was going to come to this meet and was really looking forward to it, thanks to some scrote trying to break into my car I had to cancel. Luckily they didn't get into my boot coz that were all my gear was (lesson learnt there then !)

    Hope it went well - I'll be looking out for your pictures

  • sorry pressed the submit button twice
  • would there be a spare place at this meet? Have never been on one before and was hoping to get meet some of the names I see daily on the site.