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Hi! Self-Taught Photographer here, since the early '70's! Smile
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A quick view of dragonflies8888's recent activity.

  • Cardinal Pair

    Grazie, I soooo agree... they are AWESOME to look at...Wink They were almost posing for me, it seemed!
    • 25 Mar 2011 7:42AM
  • waterlilly

    Yes, it is! Good eye!Wink
    • 13 Feb 2011 5:46AM
  • "George"

    Thank you he's my favorite of all the dragonflies... I have him on my business cards Wink
    • 11 Feb 2011 4:29PM
  • Dragonfly @ Hoffler's Creek

    Thank you so much!
    • 9 Feb 2011 12:44AM
  • Dragonfly series (a)

    Thank you very much! This was one of my first "real" ventures into the world of "digital"... And as you can probably tell, I adore the species, as they will just POSE for you for the LONGEST time, if you are calm and talk quietly to them... I have to find my "George" series and I"ll post one from him nextGrin... he literally posed for me for over an hour! Wink
    • 6 Feb 2011 9:08PM
  • Oscar

    LOVE this picture! Awesome detail!
    • 6 Feb 2011 7:56AM
  • king

    Awesome detailed closeup - quite possibly my favorite!
    • 4 Feb 2011 6:16AM
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