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  • Posted on scrimmy's profile

    A nice varied pf here Ian - well done
    Mac Smile
    • 7 Dec 2010 2:01AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Superb Portfolio David - an incredible amount of time and creative effort must go into these images. I will be back!! Smile
    • 15 Dec 2009 5:14PM
  • Posted on BURNBLUE's profile

    Hi Simon - thanks for your vote. It gave me the chance to come and visit your pf. It's all been said before, but I will say it again - what an incredible collection of images, every one of them tells a story and the quality is outstanding.
    Mac Smile
    • 27 Jul 2009 7:03PM
  • Posted on garth01's profile

    Hi Gareth, just spent about 2 hours in your gallery and on your website. Congratulations on a superb set of images.
    Mac Smile
    • 13 Jul 2009 12:19AM
  • Posted on minicooper's profile

    Thanks for the award Dennis, much appreciated Smile
    • 29 Nov 2008 11:20AM
  • Posted on HelenO's profile

    Brilliant PF Janey, a credit to you. On my faves list - I will be back Smile
    • 10 Oct 2008 11:03PM
  • Posted on harrattp's profile

    And I'll be the second!! Thanks Paul for your comment on mine. You have a lovely, varied and well taken PF - Meadow Pippet being my fave, particularly at 1600 ISO - brave man. My world normally rests safely at 200 ISO without a scratch to show for it Smile
    • 16 Jun 2008 1:23AM
  • Posted on Dennis_Bromage's profile

    Hi Dennis, I stumbled across you pf by accident - I've been here now for an hour and intend to be here a little longer. Truly amazing pictures - every one has a story to tell - fascinating. Smile
    • 20 May 2008 5:29PM
  • Posted on Rylands's profile

    Hi Ray, thanks for commenting on mine - it gave me the chance to see yours - brilliant pf, the "Oliver" series is particularly good - love it!!
    • 7 May 2008 12:50AM
  • Posted on cheesey's profile

    Fantastic PF Andrew.....
    • 23 Nov 2007 7:17PM
  • Posted on dven's profile

    Hi David, thanks for visiting my stuff - gave me a chance to visit yours. I love the woderful variety in your PF. Particularly like Red Squirrel and New Life in Old Hands. Well done.....
    • 18 Nov 2007 9:43PM
  • Posted on imagesofyou's profile

    Smashing PF John - a credit to you and your models - I'll be back Smile
    • 18 Nov 2007 3:21PM
  • Posted on TRUEX's profile

    Fantastic PF Marcus - would like to send you a PM, but you don't have it enabled.
    • 18 Nov 2007 12:03AM
  • Posted on AnnaG's profile

    Lovely pf - some stunning pics here - keep up the good work.
    • 10 Nov 2007 1:21AM
  • Posted on thebigyin's profile

    Great portfolio of well photographed and beautiful women Wink
    • 10 Nov 2007 12:57AM
  • Posted on robway's profile

    Thanks for the vote - gave me a chance to come have a look at yours - superb pf, all beautifully presented - I will be back!
    • 7 Nov 2007 9:09PM
  • Posted on ghostwalker's profile

    Thanks for your vote on one of mine - gave me a chance to look at yours. Some excellent stuff here, so varied and creative - love it. Love your comment on "A day at the Office" - nearly wet meself - still cryin' now Smile
    • 31 Oct 2007 12:42AM
  • Posted on Mounters's profile

    Thanks for your recent votes John. I am still "intrigued" lol. Great pf - lots of variety and humour Smile
    • 28 Oct 2007 1:20AM
  • Posted on A Booth's profile

    What a gorgeous collection of "Top Totty", beautifully presented. Amazing! Smile Your gallery is a sight to behold.
    • 22 Oct 2007 5:20PM
  • Posted on Dave_Collier's profile

    Great Portfolio, Dave. Fabulous stuff Smile Mac
    • 22 Oct 2007 1:36AM
  • Posted on warbstowcross's profile

    Hi Dave - thanks for your comments on my pf and compliments for Jay. Both of us very keen bikers, like to get out as much as poss. Just been looking at your stuff - particularly like Fountain's Abbey - and is the Human Cannonball your son? :0
    Cheers, Mac
    • 10 Oct 2007 3:17PM
  • Posted on imagio's profile

    Brilliant pf Bernie. So imaginative and original. Love the b/w's, never work as well for me - envious!!
    • 7 Oct 2007 1:50AM
  • Posted on watchart's profile

    What a fine collection of bottoms Smile
    • 6 Oct 2007 9:24PM
  • Posted on Sezz's profile

    Bodiam Castle!! I live only a few miles from there and some of the photos in my portfolio were taken in site of same!! Keep up the good work - nice stuff Smile
    • 18 Sep 2007 2:56AM

Limited to latest 30 results.