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A quick view of drbird's recent activity.

  • Aliens

    Love the image....the contrast between the dark blue and the vibrant bright orange ...

    • 12 Jun 2019 11:46AM
  • Domain of the Griffon Vulture III - feeding frenzy

    Cracking images love them....will be there in the area next spring....Probablt best not to take a nap and look like a dead man from above Smile Smile
    • 1 Jun 2019 4:15PM
  • Mr & Mrs

    Congrats. Cracking image, very nice background. Btw looks more like father and youngster.
    • 1 Jun 2019 4:09PM
  • Blue

    ongrats very nice image the light and how you handled it makes it a wonderful image. It looks like Centaurea cyanus ( cornflower I guess is the English name) to me .
    • 29 May 2019 10:59AM
  • Santorini

    very nice love the collection and the light with the long shadows....Congrats
    • 22 May 2019 9:21AM
  • Dancing on ice Waterrail

    OH no Lilian you don't know this spot/mat...Alan's is a comfortable spot for Waterrails....

    This was our local patch and you had to lay the mat on the ice get on it and push your self out on the ice and hop for the best ....I got soaked a couple of times...have a chat with Mike he enjoyed it Smile
    • 16 Mar 2019 8:37AM
  • Bittern

    very nice congrats!!
    • 11 Mar 2019 6:28PM
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