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A quick view of dreamflower's recent activity.

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  • Posted on TheViking's profile

    Bold very it!
    • 29 Jan 2009 3:43PM
  • Posted on JohnH37's profile

    Love the Changes in your showcase!
    • 27 Sep 2008 7:54PM
  • Posted on lullphotography's profile

    Kudos on the skinny puppy...LOL! Really though, your photos excite the senses and engage my imagination!
    • 1 May 2007 11:55PM
  • Posted on JohnEW's profile

    when I entered your page, I was magically what you do!
    • 26 Apr 2007 1:48AM
  • Posted on paulstefan's profile

    I hope you are getting paid for work like this...if not hopefully your name will be remembered...great work!
    • 2 Nov 2006 2:35AM
  • Posted on Rachelscott's profile

    Your portfolio is exquisite...
    • 5 Nov 2006 12:05AM
  • Posted on ljesmith's profile

    The black and white pics are full of life...They reflect life's most intimate moments...thus creating a body of work that will remain timeless.
    • 4 Oct 2006 2:58PM
  • Posted on 19Grumpah42's profile

    it is apparent in the work you create that you love and spend time with these beautiful beings we call flowers, and I truly respect that...your pf is full of love, life and color...
    • 10 Dec 2006 11:09PM
  • Posted on exposure's profile

    Your images are so graceful and beautiful...the color heals and the composition excites! You have a unique way of seeing things...thanks for sharing!
    • 29 Nov 2006 3:05AM
  • Posted on david deveson's profile

    Your portraits are so honest. You maintain high levels of standard and integrity...wonderful and powerful pf!
    • 21 Nov 2006 1:59PM
  • Posted on SueWB's profile

    Looking through your portfolio gave me the opportunity to reminisce...Your love of birds reminded me of my grandmother...she would have loved your photographs!
    • 9 Jan 2007 3:02AM
  • Posted on chrissd's profile

    You have a special way of photographing flora...I sense a pure energy and magic when viewing your it!
    • 9 Jan 2007 2:22AM
  • Posted on sugarbird's profile

    What a wonderful body of work. Your photos are honest and beautiful. You have a curious eye, searching and longing for connection...meaningful work...timeless!
    • 10 Oct 2006 3:40PM
  • Posted on pearly's profile

    You know how to capture imagination...your approach is inspiring and fresh...I love the organic feel of each have a discerning eye, offering beauty and truth....You have an incredible sense of space, line and form...Your images take me to a different place...
    • 18 Dec 2006 3:00PM
  • Posted on backbeat's profile

    your work is exciting to the senses...unique in your approach...creative in your execution...thanks for sharing
    • 5 Dec 2006 2:00AM
  • Posted on newfocus's profile

    You have a great know what will make a great pic...enjoyed looking the portfolio images!
    • 27 Oct 2006 9:56PM
  • Posted on paulstefan's profile

    Each image is full of life and energy...You are brilliant in the art of composing, color and your work...I'm a fan!
    • 1 Dec 2006 12:38AM
  • Posted on PhotographyBySuzan's profile

    I love the images in your showcase...just lovely...
    • 23 Nov 2006 2:51AM

Limited to latest 30 results.