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Hi there - constantly trying to learn more and improve - so please get in touch if you like what I do or have constructive criticism - or even better want to work with me Smile
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A quick view of drfireball's recent activity.

  • The Viking's Daughter

    Thanks all for the votes and especially to Dudler for the award Smile
    • 31 May 2013 12:19PM
  • Untitled

    That is too spooky that we both upload a similarly composed photo next to each other!
    • 10 Feb 2013 6:29PM
  • Nuthatch

    Wow Kev that's a bit special. Surely one for the wall. Haven't seen better v well done!
    • 13 Jan 2013 5:28PM
  • Niamh

    Thanks everyone Smile
    • 29 Dec 2012 1:09PM
  • Queen of Hearts

    Quote:For me this is a 'close but not quite' image: I find the position of the white candle with its highlights quite distracting and the I don't know if it is my monitor but the processing has not done the skin colour/texture of her thighs any favours.
    Mike - agree re the skin tones - uploading it here (jpeg compression I guess) really made me notice that also and I have already applied some softening to the original. This was a difficult location to light and I guess some of that difficulty has made its way into the final shot - thanks for looking and taking time to comment Smile
    • 17 Dec 2012 5:23PM
  • Dancer

    Quote:Very nice indeed.

    Plus your website is well worth a look at. Very imaginative Smile


    Thanks David - have just revamped the look of the site and am happier than previously - these things take so much time though!
    • 3 Dec 2012 10:44AM
  • Barfly

    Quote:Did you think of cropping to cut out the foreground furniture which I think detracts from the image?. Try scrolling up to see what I mean. Nice pose and lighting.

    David - thanks for taking the time to look and comment - I actually liked the tables and arranged them like this! I appreciate that they might not be to everyones taste - I like the graphic nature of their shapes and while I do subscribe to the view that there should generally be a main point of focus I also like to be able to look around an image and see other things. If I thought they were the first thing that they eye went to then yes, I would take the out.
    • 19 Nov 2012 2:01PM
  • Fantastically creative, inspiring port - very, very well done. Looking forward to seeing more Smile
    • Posted on K_T's profile
    • 15 May 2012 11:44AM
  • Inspirational portfolio - I will definitely keep an eye out for your work in future Smile
  • What a great portfolio you have here - wonderful sense of continuity throughout - you really have developed a recognisable and personal style - well done Smile
    • Posted on cattyal's profile
    • 28 Oct 2011 9:39PM