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Hi there - constantly trying to learn more and improve - so please get in touch if you like what I do or have constructive criticism - or even better want to work with me Smile
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  • Walkaround kit

    Having a great week in Orkney at the mo with the family - I am not known for travelling light but with the requirement to even shoulder the three year old lad I have had to be fairly canny. Things have gone very well so thought I'd share :-) I app...

    7 Jun 2012 7:33PM | Read


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  • Going Pro.....

    Lots of talk on line about what "professional" means. To some it means "high quality" to others it refers to someone who relies on photography for their living. Often times these two definitions do not run hand in hand. Market forces I hear you cry! ...

    9 May 2012 6:56PM | Read


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  • That which does not kill us makes us strong

    Sat here waiting for something quite unpleasant to happen to me. Alone. Gives one time to ponder on what is really important in life. Am sure of one thing that I will be better at my "other" job for it. How often do I consider how important c...

    25 Apr 2012 12:38PM | Read


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  • Emotional attachment

    Now I am as nostalgic and prone to romanticism as the next unreconstructed modern male. I am not even particularly superstitious or prone to habits or psychological crutches. But I do like my favourite coffee mug :-) I like the size of it, the fa...

    24 Apr 2012 8:43PM | Read


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  • Changes, ch ch ch changes :-)

    Continuing to enjoy the whole Ephotozine experience - there are so many talented folk out there...... Why do we all do this? I suspect if one were to take a poll there would be a myriad of reasons. Personally I need an artistic outlet to my otherw...

    22 Apr 2012 5:36PM | Read


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  • Day 2

    Second day on epz and quite surprised by all the activity here - loads to see :-) Thanks to all those who have commented and voted on my photos - I seem to have a viewers award already. Hopefully things will continue to come in threes - I got my L...

    16 Sep 2011 9:59AM | Read


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  • Hello

    Hello all - First day here so please be nice! - actually please be yourselves - have lived on Flickr for a while now and a little tired of the constant self congratulatory feel of it - noone ever posts true criticism. So hoping that I will meet so...

    15 Sep 2011 7:34PM | Read


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