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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Feel free to comment and critique as you see fit
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  • Thanks guys for all your excellent advice. I have asked for more details from them and am waiting for their answer; I'll let you know once I get a reply, hopefully some time next week.

    Thanks again - Paul
  • Hi all,

    I have been approached by a leading corporation that want to licence and display a photo from me in 530 stores worldwide for the next 2 years. What do I charge them?

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks guys. If you know anyone who can get me to Afghanistan let me know
  • I had a photo chosen for the front cover and about 20 used in a book about the conflict in N. Ireland called the " The long Long War ". "Bullets, Bombs and a Cup of Tea are also my photos.

    They where taken in 1986/87 when I was attached to the Royal Anglican regt. and are part of a collection that is presently hosted on the CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) website for The University of Ulster.

    It's nice seeing your work published. I'd love to get a commission to follow the photos up or better, cover the war in Afghanistan but, those jobs are few and far between - Paul
  • I use Capture NX and find it brilliant, for most of my RAW photos I never have to use PS. The new version is a lot faster and if you have the cache on a separate drive it will run a lot faster. If you have a Nikon then it has to be Capture NX.

    Here is a good forum on iStock that has loads of tips and tricks. iStock Forum
  • Have you tried Genuine Fractals from OnOne. It very rare I use it but when I do it does an excellent job. Here's their website: here