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  • Red, Green, Blue by TheHucklebrookHound

    I love the colours.
    • 21 Jul 2016 6:52PM
  • Autumnal Leaves by dudders82

    Thank you Chinga & Rookery Smile
    • 16 Nov 2015 2:37PM
  • Big Ben - London by dudders82

    Quote:Its quite a good shot.

    We dont often see long exposure shots taken at 12:14 PM

    You used the cameras built-in mono, and this, combined with the long exposure (which does a good job on the Thames), has ensured that there are no blacks present in the image. This gives it a rather flat appearance, which is quite easily remedied in post processing. If you are familiar with Levels, pull in the left slider to meet the graph for a very basic adjustment.

    The wide leans has also caused the left and right extremes to bend inwards as the image rises, - a normal finction of wide lenses, which can also be addressed in post processing.

    So thats the mod Ive loaded, contrast (blacks) and lens correction.

    I notice you have not enabled voting in your previous shots, - is this intentional? There will be none here in the critique gallery btw.



    Thanks Willie... I was well up for voting to be enabled, so no idea what I did there Smile

    As you can see, I took this photo over a year ago, and did not realise that I could only upload one a day to the gallery (I have been a member for a while, just never use this!)

    I have some much more up to date photos, which an SLR now, so watch this space.

    Appreciate the comment. I LOVE daytime long exposures. This is my favourite, and will upload tomorrow

    • 6 May 2015 5:31PM
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