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I hope you enjoy my pictures half as much as I have... Preferably more than half!
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A quick view of dudler's recent activity.

  • Let's Dance

    • 23 Nov 2017 10:17PM
  • Zwa Gita

    Atmospheric... I can almost hear the music!
    • 23 Nov 2017 10:16PM
  • Bredon Hill

    Wonderful! A beautiful vista on a lovely morning. I hope the weather held - I suspect it did...
    • 23 Nov 2017 5:16PM
  • last of autumn

    The zig-zag composition and the line of the slope heading straight into the corner both give this a dynamic feel. The bright sun counteracts the autumnal feel, and makes the whole shot optimistic.

    Looking up at the subject of a picture gives it extra status: this is an admiring view of a beech tree.

    Willie's mod brings out the Indian Summer feeling nicely.
    • 23 Nov 2017 5:03PM
  • Industrial Dawn

    Possibly the most photographed cement works in the world...

    For what it's worth, I reckon that you'd have a sharper image if you had used f/8 - diffraction is probably making inroads into definition here.

    I would definitely consider adding noise/grain to this, as the late Christopher Joyce recommended (handheld landscapes with 1600 ISO film and a 70-210mm lens. A benefit - whether the grain is real or added - is that it masks minor unsharpness.
    • 23 Nov 2017 12:25PM
  • Horses whisper - original

    The edited version is stronger, but i find that the original has a more appealing backgrond - more tone in the sky, greater subtlety in the distance.

    A combination of the stronger (more contrasty, more striking) foregroudn and hte original background would be perfect - a little like hte slight lift that fill flash can give, if controlled fully!
    • 23 Nov 2017 12:21PM
  • The Eternal Crunch

    I've never seen two Corsairs in one place at the same time before. Happily.

    Remember though, that this sold alongside the early Cortinas and the like: Vauxhall Vivas and Venturas. The good stuff tended to say 'Austin', 'Rover' or 'Triumph' on the back. Look at a Morris 1800 and see how much more front wheel drive offered. It took Ford a long time to reach that sort of sophistication...

    And all of them rotted in a way that would be completely unacceptable now!
    • 23 Nov 2017 12:19PM
  • Mile - your street pictures represent a consistent high point in my visits to EPZ. I hope that you are printing, displaying and archiving these - a real social document that hits hard and deserves to be put in print.
  • You haven't been a member for long, Laura, but you already seem to be someone to watch carefully - a series of thoughtful and beautiful pictures.

    I hope that you will be able to post pictures daily for a very long time to come. And I will enjoy every single one of them.
  • I keep finding pictures in yoru portfolio that make me insanely jealous... We live in the same world, but you see it far better than I do!

    Some of the very best, the most creative, the most emotionally engaging work on the site.
  • Simply, the most consistently brilliant and perceptive portfolio on Ephotozine.

    There are many good photographers on here. Some outstanding ones. But over the last few months, you've consistently posted work that is, in some sense, utterly alien, as well as being totally human.

    No pressure, truly. If you decided to stick to unprocessed pictures of used car dealers for the rest of your life, you have produced better work than I ever will: I suspect I speak for a lot of other members in saying this.
    • Posted on IsabelC's profile
    • 15 Jul 2015 6:45PM
  • Some lovely observations here - and all seen through a finely-tuned eye!
  • Marian -

    You have a rare talent, infusing every picture with emotion and resonance. You see the relationships between things and people, between thoughts and emotions, and yo ushare them through your pictures.

    Thank you.
    • Posted on Potra's profile
    • 1 Apr 2014 11:37AM
  • A portfolio that never disappoints. A long series of lovely views, beautifully shot.
  • I love Rhodes, and particularly Lindos.

    This portfolio reminds me why I want to go back there for another holiday - the warm sun, the ancient buildings, the friendly people and the lovely food and wine...

    George - you're so lucky to live there - and I am so glad you share the view!
  • Careful, hard-working and methodical. Beautiful and thoughtful results.
    • Posted on Chant57's profile
    • 3 Nov 2013 1:57PM
  • They say artists transform suffering into beauty.

    You are a true artist.
    • Posted on NDODS's profile
    • 24 Apr 2013 3:16PM