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dudler's Blog


I hope you enjoy my pictures half as much as I have... Preferably more than half!
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  • Don't throw it away!

    I've been posting pictures shot with an elderly Canon lens and an Alpha 7 body for a little while, and they seem to go down well with both models nad viewers. I reckon casual viewers think I'm a whizz with PS, but I'm not: the look in the pictures is...


    12 Nov 2016 12:29PM | Read


    Views : 283

  • Exposure... And the Critique Gallery

    Exposure keeps cropping up in the Critique Gallery as a problem Ė sometimes people ask about it, though usually they have got it wrong and want to know why their pictures donít look like the cover of Vogue, or a landscape competition winner. Sometime...

    19 Sep 2016 2:18PM | Read


    Views : 158

  • TOO sharp!

    I keep putting it in comments. So often that I feel the need to vent my spleen in the blog section! Far too many members upload pictures that have been sharpened unnaturally. For my taste, anyway. It reminds me of using the pencil sharpener on ...

    22 Dec 2013 2:04PM | Read


    Views : 603

  • Putting the (focus) cart in front of the (camhorse

    I fell to temptation at the weekend. A new camera. It could be worse. It might be the overpriced Alpha 99. It might be the too-big-for-my-hands D800. Fortunately, it isnít. Itís a camera I first came across ten years back, and liked. However, i...

    25 Oct 2013 1:00AM | Read


    Views : 643

  • Upgrades

    What follows is a slightly-edited version of an email I sent to a friend today, after he asked me about upgrading his consumer Canon. He is a great upgrader: a delight to most marketing departments, perhaps. I have tried to deter him a little... ...

    28 Sep 2013 2:17PM | Read


    Views : 407

  • The fine art of patronising

    It happens from time to time, anywhere on the web. Itís just happened to me here on EPZ, so Iím going to blog about it. Can you tell itís got under my skin? Part of the problem is that it can be caused by people trying hard to be helpful. Itís jus...

    6 May 2013 7:47PM | Read


    Views : 825

  • Reliving my youth...

    Iíve been watching the pictures and blog entries that a young lady doing her ďAĒ levels is putting on EPZ. alice170596 is a conscientious blogger, and writes every few days. There is, I confess, a risk of creepiness about a 59-year-old man who lar...

    27 Mar 2013 10:50PM | Read


    Views : 454

  • Tell me more, tell me moreÖ

    Weíre all here to learn, I hope. That means that we browse the galleries and pick up ideas. Techniques, names of models, locations and so on. Well: usually. But there are some togs who seem to post minimal info. There is no reason not to (fo...

    12 Jul 2012 1:26PM | Read


    Views : 334

  • Fair exchangeÖ

    Now, this isnít getting at anyone. Itís just noting something that happens. But it could be seen as a request to individuals, whatever Ephotozine does in response to the request to them! I post my pictures with the option for others to download...

    20 May 2012 5:37PM | Read


    Views : 6768

  • Why the logos, chaps?

    I have a lot of pet hates. There. Got that out of the way, and you know this is going to be an opinionated piece. A rant, if you likeÖ Once Upon A Time, it was really difficult to put lettering onto a picture. You had to use Letraset, or have a...

    26 Apr 2012 10:34AM | Read


    Views : 476

  • The Ashness Bridge Problem

    As my friend Ron Tear posts the results of his trip to the States, I have photographed a little bridge on Rhodes that makes me think about going to the classic places to take pictures. So the first thing, Ron, is that this is not in any way about you...

    20 Apr 2012 8:07AM | Read


    Views : 324

  • Mods - why not allow them on YOUR pictures?

    It seems such a simple thing, and I find Iím the exception in allowing it. But it makes massive sense, in so many ways. If you share your pictures on a site like EPZ, where much of the community is about experimenting and learning, why not, as a mat...

    4 Apr 2012 12:52PM | Read


    Views : 7132

  • Get a gripÖ

    I am confused by the add-on grips that are available for most cameras, and are a built-in feature of ďproĒ cameras. Just Ė why? I can see it, certainly, for action work. Youíre shooting hand-held, and having the ability to go for a solid grip ...

    21 Aug 2011 7:33AM | Read


    Views : 275

  • Boyz Ďnín the Hoodz

    Spening a holiday in Cornwall, and deprived by the photographic fates of my digital camera, Iím beck as I was 20 years ago, with a Tenba bag full of Contaxes on my shoulder. And being a little more selective in my shooting than is sometimes the case:...

    18 Aug 2011 8:36AM | Read


    Views : 5601

  • I still use filmÖ

    The more so over the next few weeks. My digital camera died this afternoon, and Iím guessing it will take a while to get it sorted. I have no complaints about it. Itís somewhere around 60 or 70k frames into its life, and thatís a good proportion o...

    14 Aug 2011 8:17PM | Read


    Views : 279