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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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  • Purposefulness, happenstance, serendipity and dist

    How do you approach your picture-making? Do you have something that you are thoroughly committed to, and work at? Iím thinking of handlerstudioís series of images a couple of years back, where he and a friend had photographed parts of Florida being...


    30 May 2020 8:47AM | Read


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  • Platon

    Iíve had an exciting week of discovery, photographically. Iíve managed not to buy a lens I rather fancy (though this may be a temporary condition). But the main thing is that Iíve picked up some new ideas, and have found a new photographer to look f...


    29 May 2020 7:57AM | Read


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  • When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade

    In England, most of lockdown has, in some senses, been easy. The weatherís been the way that I remember when I was at primary school. OK, itís been frustrating that we canít (prime ministerial advisors apart) travel to our favourite locations, but s...


    28 May 2020 9:17AM | Read


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  • Study the masters (and the women who excel)

    Iíve been thinking about myths, and there may well be a blog about one or two of my unfavourite photographic ones in the next week or two: things that I hear photographers say as if theyíre laws of physics, when they actually have their roots in som...


    27 May 2020 7:29AM | Read


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  • Studio hire

    In the locked-down world we live in at present, very few people are in the happy position of one man, who Iíll call H Ė he has a studio at home, and heís married to a professional model. His life has been less affected by lockdown than some: indeed,...


    26 May 2020 11:19AM | Read


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  • Eyeline

    For good or ill, weíve all got much more used to seeing ourselves in images over the last couple of months: just about everyone is now used to using FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp video calls. Weíve seen how professional broadcasters have learned to be ...


    25 May 2020 11:04AM | Read


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  • Helios

    The Greek sun god Ė and a really good name for a lens: or, indeed, a series of lenses, if you look them up on the web. For most people, though, thereís only one Helios, the 44: 58mm focal length and a maximum aperture of f/2. Later lenses were fitt...


    24 May 2020 8:20AM | Read


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  • Little and jewelled

    I have a dark secret or two in my camera drawer. (Cupboard? RoomÖ) One of them is a camera that I bought because it was so much smaller than my Alpha 900, and I viewed it as being a travel camera: I duly equipped it with my sort-of standard range o...


    23 May 2020 8:32AM | Read


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  • Boxing clever

    Digital imaging and modern lenses have freed us from so many constraints that we used to face as photographers. With a simple box camera, slow film, a single shutter speed and an uncoated meniscus lens, the basic advice was to take pictures only on...


    22 May 2020 10:05AM | Read


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  • Back Up

    In several senses. Stop, step back, think before proceeding. Back up and running after a problem. Copy all the files so that you donít lose them if something goes wrong. So Ė what are your backup arrangements? I have a disorderly arrangement of ...


    21 May 2020 9:09AM | Read


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  • Spotmatic

    My second SLR, after the quirky Exa 500 was an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II. I bought it in the summer of 1972, and it cost £104.95 from Jessops, complete with f/1.4 standard lens. I sold it almost exactly four years later, in order to buy my first Con...


    20 May 2020 6:42AM | Read


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  • f/8, and be there

    Anyone with more than the most passing interest in photography starts to get interested in technique. We learn about the way that aperture affects depth of field, how quality varies as you alter the ISO setting. This can get very precious and exclu...


    19 May 2020 7:52AM | Read


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  • If you always do what youíve always done...

    I know one or two photographers who have been there, and photographed it. Iceland, Tuscany, Yosemite: all the places where iconic images have been taken, they seem to have been. And the results are wonderful. Sure-fire votegrabbers her on EPZ, comp...


    18 May 2020 7:30AM | Read


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  • Brighter ideas

    Again, thanks to mistere for suggesting a topic: and apologies for dealing with it only in part. Thereís a lot more to write about unconventional light sources, but a couple or three IKEA offerings will do for one day. Appropriately for Silly Sunda...


    17 May 2020 7:20AM | Read


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  • Wider still, and wider

    So many parts of my photographic persona go back to my schooldays. Ultrawide as well as mirror lenses (the latter give doughnut-shaped highlights: it may be bad Bokeh, but it can look stunning!) In about 1970, Kevin MacDonnell wrote about a new Zei...


    16 May 2020 7:08AM | Read


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