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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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  • The Patent Etui

    I think I paid £6 for this lovely little camera, while I was still at school. I havenít used it very much, for lack of a way to feed it photosensitive materials. The thing is that it came with six single-sided plateholders. Not cut film: plate. Ver...


    28 Oct 2020 10:05AM | Read


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  • Fifty Ė still nifty

    Last weekís edition of Amateur Photographer was the Lens Special, with a series of articles about lenses of different kinds. And one of these was about legacy glass, centring on six photographers using older lenses on digital cameras. One was using...


    27 Oct 2020 11:15AM | Read


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  • Feel

    I have written about the feel of certain cameras many times, in all sorts of places. Maybe one or two people wonder what I mean, and maybe others understand something different from my interpretation. Iím not entirely certain that everyone gets the...


    26 Oct 2020 11:51AM | Read


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  • Wet

    It rained a lot in Walsall yesterday, and I nearly didnít go out for a walk. But around five it stopped pouring and abated to a drizzle, so I went round the block, and I wondered why we worry so much about waterproof cameras. I'd taken my Pentax Spo...


    25 Oct 2020 12:45PM | Read


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  • Instant wins

    Iíve realised, lately, that there seem to be some models who provide me with instant votes, and often awards. They are striking in appearance, and capable models Ė but there seem to be some who gather quite disproportionate votes. And there are oth...


    24 Oct 2020 8:31AM | Read


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  • What is it about film?

    Yesterday, I wrote about a photographer who uses (or at least seems to me to use) film. What is it about film that appeals to some of us so much? Well, the more I learn about digital picture-making, the more I think that itís the realm of control f...


    23 Oct 2020 8:56AM | Read


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  • Captivated

    Iíll be putting a link in a comment once the blogís posted Ė for some reason, links in the body of a blog cut off the words that follow. Iíve been captivated by a series of portraits by Robert Pranagal, in Poland. They look to me to have been shot ...


    22 Oct 2020 9:23AM | Read


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  • sRGB

    I keep getting the colour profile of files I save wrong, and Iím hoping that if I write about it, even if it does nothing for anyone else, itíll stop me cocking it up. So letís begin with definitions. In digital photography there are a number of di...


    21 Oct 2020 9:24AM | Read


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  • Courses and tutors and learning

    What are you looking for when you sign up for any sort of course? You may be after specific solutions to a particular problem, or wanting to get a start so that you can gain traction in a new area. Almost whatever you do, you are going to be buyin...


    20 Oct 2020 9:39AM | Read


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  • Monday morning

    One of the filters in Nik Color Efex is called Monday Morning: and it feels very right today. Itís chilly, and I must have slept in an awkward position, because my neck aches! Heading out for a walk feels like a big deal. However, Iíve done a shor...


    19 Oct 2020 10:39AM | Read


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  • Focus through film

    Iíve been reading a couple of articles from Amateur Photographer about mindfulness, and this set off a thought. Mindfulness is, essentially, about paying full attention to what youíre doing. The complete opposite of multitasking. Giving all of your ...

    18 Oct 2020 12:08PM | Read


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  • But I donít need it!

    I used to say this a lotÖ There was a time, before a compact camera could outcompute a NASA Moon Module, when every extra facility in a camera had to be engineered in, with more design work, more parts, and more careful assembly. Extra complicatio...


    17 Oct 2020 7:31AM | Read


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  • Top trumps

    I suspect Iíve said this a few times before, maybe even in this concentrated form. You donít need the best, the fastest, the longest or the widest. Probably. My daughter gave me a set of Camera Top Trumps Ė I think it may have been last Christmas. ...


    16 Oct 2020 7:53AM | Read


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  • Pushing it?

    I wrote about Bob Carlos Clarke a few weeks ago. Heíd have been 70 around now, and his Estate and The Little Black Gallery in London is marking the event with a new book, Studio. Itís a collection of Polaroids, notes and so on, and there are 132 page...

    15 Oct 2020 8:32AM | Read


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  • Mirrorless - and why theyíre (arguably) better

    In late 2013, I bought my first mirrorless camera: because it was new, I admit. It seemed to be something Sony were keen on, and I admit to being taken by the hype. In retrospect, Iím not sure that Sony really understood what they were doing with th...


    14 Oct 2020 8:24AM | Read


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