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Back to work soon


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Back to work soon

13 Apr 2021 8:17AM   Views : 615 Unique : 362


While some of the most dedicated people have been busier than ever at work over the last year, as someone who retired from the dayjob a few years ago, I’ve had to pause my very part-time photographic tuition. But shooting indoors is likely to be viable by the end of May, and so I’ve been starting to plan…

I’ve been discussing a new tutorial venture for a few weeks with one of my favourite models, Misuzu. Some may remember I interviewed her for this site in 2018, and a few will know her and have photographed her. We’ve gone live with a casting call on a networking site, and we’ve had our first few responses.

It’s going to be a return to a world that has become unfamiliar – I imagine the same is true of a lot of other people. A world where there are traffic jams, and we need to be on time at a remote location, where there are commitments that have to be honoured. Am I the only person wondering if I can get back to this? For months, time has been an approximate and flexible dimension in my life!

Before Covid, I was running a couple of lighting workshops a month: but with up to six photographers, a model, a studio owner or manager and me, that’s not a viable prospect for a while yet. Workshops involve studying images on the backs of cameras, and that’s not possible with social distancing – although Misuzu and I hope to start doing that as well later on in the year.

But for now, we’re offering 4-hour courses for two photographers at a time, tailoring them to the needs and wants of the individuals. One problem arises, though, and that’s that we’ve mainly worked out of doors, after being introduced to her by Stevepl a few years back. We plan to address this with a studio session in May, when we’ll be having four hours in the studio to shoot examples of what we can do.

As this sort of thing starts to take up more time for planning and marketing, my blogs may begin to become less frequent – although it’s also possible that the work that I need to put into tuition will spin off some ideas for blogs. Questions asked by clients may provide answers to share here on Ephotozine… And the administration may provide a little bit of fun and games, as well!


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dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.2k 2064 England
13 Apr 2021 8:19AM
Obviously, I shall report on the progress of the venture - both the fun and the problems - the first of these being the sheer number of messages involved over the last few days. I am wondering about starting a filing card system to keep track...
ZenTony Avatar
ZenTony Plus
7 31 7 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2021 10:04AM
I know exactly what you mean John about rigour and a more structured lifestyle. I will not be returning to it.
I work from home for myself anyway but my work life has been forcibly changed and I actually have enjoyed the more random nature of it.
kaybee Avatar
kaybee 19 8.7k 29 Scotland
13 Apr 2021 10:07AM
Oh those eyes ........................

Good luck on the adventures to come.
GGAB Avatar
GGAB 7 31 1 United States
13 Apr 2021 2:02PM
This is a situation of evolve or die.
Not literally die.
We do not know if the world will return to Pre-Covid times or some Hybrid.
What I do know is that in general, I/we will adjust to the situation just as we have over the past year.
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.2k 2064 England
13 Apr 2021 6:24PM
I think there are various adjustments, as a global society.

We need to learn to prepare for and plan for disasters - and to react quickly and scientifically. Too many politicians in too many countries were slow to understand what they needed to do. New Zealand got it right: the UK and the USA and Brazil did not, and we've paid a terrible price.

People have learned to work from home in many cases, and employers have learnt to trust them to do the job when they're not being watched. Companies can save time and money not watching, not running vast offices

We need to value the people who keep society going - not just doctors and nurses but postmen and sewage workers and care workers. What they do matters more than what salesmen and financiers do, and should be rewarded better.

We've learned that less global travel is good for the planet, so maybe we shouldn't take it as so much of a right, more as a privilege.

And we now know how much we depend on each other... And there are ways in which countries should take more charge of their own essential supplies and home manufacturing.

Actually, I think that it is a choice to evolve as a global village, or to die literally - possibly slowly, over a couple of generations - but I want my grandchildren to live better and happier than I have...
JuBarney Avatar
JuBarney Plus
12 36 7 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2021 6:46PM
Gorgeous shots here of Misuzu

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