But I know it when I see it!


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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But I know it when I see it!

4 May 2020 7:58AM   Views : 417 Unique : 251


Let’s dance around the conventions on nudes a bit today.

It’s easy and a bit flip to say that one woman’s art is another man’s pornography, but it is actually true. Long experience of working with models and sharing my pictures of them has made it very clear that everyone has their own standards, and many are convinced that everyone else is wrong.

In Britain, we’re quite prudish in public, while having a rather unhealthy interest in the wrongdoings of others on the inside pages. So nipples have been banned from the front cover of magazines on display in the newsagent’s, but an MP sex romp with an escort will get the girl’s scantily-clad form all over a three-page article, and may kick-start her career in films.

In other news, a nude with pubic hair may miss out on acceptance for a club exhibition, possibly because pubic hair on a model is now something of a novelty. (Actually, it’s a great aid to modesty in some pictures!)

I’m a member of a networking site for models, studios and photographers, called Purpleport. They have reasonably clear guidance about what is acceptable and what isn’t – but that guidance is rather more liberal than most Ephotozine members would want. Don’t worry, though: the site has three levels of filter: as well as ‘suitable for work’ images (VERY fully clothed) members and visitors can choose to see ‘NSFW’ and ‘adult’ pictures.


Actually, ‘NSFW’ has always been an issue for me: if you’re at work, what are you doing on a social or networking site? It’s an abuse of the employer’s time just as much if you’re on Facebook or Ephotozine as if you are looking at nudes: please don’t do it!

For many years, one of my favourite photographic magazines has been the French publication, ‘Photo’ – much more of a concentration on pictures than any British or American equivalent, and far less concern with lines per millimetre or how many cards the camera takes. They have published hard-hitting photojournalism as well as erotica: and an edition a few years ago featured singer Pink, topless and smoking a cigarette: and she was wearing an expression that said, very clearly, that if you don’t like this image, it’s your problem, not hers.

So – where do you stand on this? Some discussion might be interesting.


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MediumSizeUnavailable Avatar
4 May 2020 1:30PM
ah... Photo. loved buying them, and browsing through them. Even remember cutting out the photos I liked Blush
Sophie Marceau and Nastassia Kinski must be still laying around in a box somewhere Smile
As you said, much more interesting than any B or A equivalent.
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
4 May 2020 1:37PM
Photo still exists online - and I managed, last year, to subscribe to the now-quarterly print version. Probably time to renew again...
mistere Avatar
mistere Plus
10 37 8 England
4 May 2020 1:43PM
If we're venturing into the realms of, what is acceptable?, perhaps we should start with " One woman’s art is another man’s pornography,"
To be annoying and PC about it, it should read , " One persons art is another persons pornography". But, there's another issue before that discussion even begins.
The question of, what is art?. The obvious 'pile of bricks' or the 'unmade bed' V's the Mona Lisa. Before we can decide if nude photography is art, we need a concise definition
of what art is. Good luck getting an answer that everyone agrees with. I thought this definition was interesting, (interesting, not necessarily right).
"Change the perspective on how a subject has been seen, up until that point in time, and you have made art. Repeat an existing view of a subject without changing perspective
and you have not made art."
The dictionary definition of art is fairly straightforward, What individuals accept or agree is art is another thing altogether. When it comes to "is it art or pornography?" where do
you draw the line. Is it a question of decency, if so, what is decent? Back to the beginning " One persons art is another persons pornography". Perhaps the question is wrong,
should it be "Is it art or is it obscene?"
It's always an interesting discussion and one that's worth having. Everyone has their own answer and anyone who disagrees with it is wrong.
There are so many different views and opinions .Who's to say what the right answer is?, or even if there is a right answer.

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