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Completely Redundant Aimless Photograph. Or Piffle


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Completely Redundant Aimless Photograph. Or Piffle

9 Jan 2022 11:31AM   Views : 390 Unique : 232


This was a rather fine four-letter acronym produced by an EPZ friend who wishes to remain nameless – more precisely, the first two versions are: the third is all my own.

It was an attempt to pass off referring to a picture as ordure as a technical term: I used, in my work life, to use a lot of Internal Audit Technical Language which sounded a lot like swearing to the uninitiated. And there’s an honourable comedic tradition that stretches back to (probably past) the late Fred Wedlock and his Best Universal Grit, Grime and Effluent Remover – ‘if Daz won’t whiten it and Omo won’t brighten it, Bugger it’.

The tradition continues, and you can find Fascinating Aida’s take on Nifty Taxation Schemes and the firms using them on YouTube., though those of a nervous disposition should steer well clear of Dillie Keane and her companions. If you merely seek tuneful abuse of corporate raiders, look up Show of Hands’ Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed, with similarly acronymic power.

Anyway, to the pictures. Most of us take CRAP pictures sometimes, and some people seem to prefer the approach to Attempting Art. (I’ll exclude my son at the age of four, who treated film as something to be used up as fast as a Cosmic Symbol would wind on – enthusiasm is not really involved in CRAPography.


It can happen by accident: I took a shot early in lockdown that should have been taken with a long lens, and my subject – carrying her large lockdown shop on her head, demonstrating Walsall’s diversity – was lost amid suburban foliage.

A common cause is sheer lack of focus (in one sense or another), exemplified by the one-handed grip on a camera while taking pictures without stopping (shooting through the window of a coach is a special case, and is excusable if the guilty party never shows anyone the shots that ‘didn’t quite work’. But posting or printing a DNQW shot on Facebook achieves CRAP bonus points).


Wideangle landscapes with no real subject definitely count. As Moira, one of my Critique Team colleagues puts it, ‘you were there. You could feel the breeze and smell the flowers, and the viewer can’t’ – a camera can only capture the purely visual elements, but we are moved to take pictures by all five of our senses.


For me, these shot happen when I really want to take pictures, but don’t have the mojo working, or, occasionally, when I’m working towards a complex shot, and need to try things out along the way. Sadly, the shot of the back end of a Seat car was taken after the closing image, which I’m actually quite pleased with…


dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
9 Jan 2022 11:31AM
Thank to A Non for the idea...
FredColon 2 2 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2022 4:56PM
Ah yes, Mr Wedlock. I recall in the intro to that song he also mentioned the "Finest Universal Cleanser Known".

As most of us (I assume, hope??), I've taken my fair share of poor photos. Indeed, I feel that I've got a good grip on the technical aspects of photography but am still learning (well into my 60s) about composition -- and still have a way to go. The joy of digital is that it's virtually no cost to take several views and choose later (as opposed to £ouch! with transparency film in my formative years); the downside is that you can come home with several pictures that are not quite right and a wish to go back and combine several near misses into "the one".

Trying to be more positive this year, I regard it as part of learning rather than disappointment.
9 Jan 2022 5:54PM
Some togs describe themselves as "professional" but their photography is still ****.
There's got to be an acronym there, but I haven't been able to think of one yet.

( My own hit rate is often embarrassingly low BlushBlushBlush )
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
10 Jan 2022 9:47AM
Is that a challenge, Alan? I will go away and work on it over my morning eggs...
saltireblue Plus
12 13.1k 83 Norway
10 Jan 2022 9:50AM

Quote:Some togs describe themselves as "professional" but their photography is still ****.
There's got to be an acronym there, but I haven't been able to think of one yet.

( My own hit rate is often embarrassingly low BlushBlushBlush )

Steadfastly, Hopelessly, Inevitably Trash
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
10 Jan 2022 10:56AM
Thanks, Malc. My eggs didn't inspire me - even with tomatoes and cheese added.
10 Jan 2022 11:00AM
Suitably Hung In Toilets
10 Jan 2022 4:23PM
Stupid. Horrible.Indulgent. Trash.
10 Jan 2022 5:19PM
Seriously Hyped Inferior Toss
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
11 Jan 2022 8:30AM
Thanks, all...

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