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Effortlessly right


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Effortlessly right

12 May 2021 5:48AM   Views : 436 Unique : 263


The feeling of a perfect gearchange, the way when the chisel seems to pull itself through the wood, or perfect sharpness just happens as you turn the focus ring. The last piece of the jigsaw fits in as if it was magnetised, or the ball curves past the goalie into the back of the net (or the goalieís hands are drawn to the ball, if you support the other side!)

Photographically, itís often the model who moves into precisely the pose I was about to ask for, or who magically picks up precisely the right prop. Thatís what put me in mind of this effortless thing: a remote shoot with Stephanie Dubois yesterday. Things just kept going perfectly. Iíve reflected on why Ė it seems to be a characteristic of working with Stephanie Ė and Iíve come up with a couple of possible answers.


One idea is that itís all about luck Ė and I donít really believe that. Luck, generally, is the result of the characteristics of those involved, some of which is about compatibility of styles and tendencies, and some about the innate ability to plan or to extemporise. Or both.

And maybe thatís it, really Ė that a little planning is necessary, and then the ability to see and exploit opportunities, to bring a creative eye to whatís on offer: that works in most areas of life. Preparation, and keeping options open, but without being committed to a script thatís not working: whether Plan B has to exist is not entirely clear to me.

Creative stuff is different from a space mission, where itís important to have a defined way forward for every contingency. The benefit of experience can be that one has memories of a lot of situations and a bank of options that have been tried before: this can provide both a wealth of possible solutions to any problem, and a mindset that there will always be something that will workÖ


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dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
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12 May 2021 5:49AM
And, obviously, today's the chance to post three shots of Stephanie. Plus a nude in the main gallery...
JuBarney Avatar
JuBarney Plus
12 36 7 United Kingdom
12 May 2021 5:49PM
Love your last shot
rontear Avatar
rontear Plus
20 23 9 England
12 May 2021 10:50PM
Perfect model and a joy to work with John.

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