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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Iím pretty sure Iíve never taken a picture of that statue in Piccadilly Circus: by the time I was in the area with any regularity, it was too hackneyed a subject for my lens, I felt! And I missed it during the sunny Sixties visit that I posted from last Friday Ė as traffic was so different back then, it may well be that my cousin drove right past it without having to stopÖ


Itís strange that Iíve NEVER taken pictures there Ė Iíve missed out on the exhausted tourists and the hyperactive teenagers. Itís odd Ė one of the bus routes that I use a lot in London goes past, and itís really easy to hop off and hop on. And itís not that far from places I have been to quite a bit, like the National Portrait Gallery.


So what do I photograph in central London? These days, itís likely to be people, both commuters and tourists, plus workers. People in a newly-opened chip shop in Greenwich (well: it was newly opened when I took these pictures in 2010. I wonder if itís still there at all?)


And just occasionally, the sights. On this particular occasion, I think Iíd been in town for a work meeting, and Iíd also arranged to do some pictures with Danielle (see todayís gallery image). And I did something that Iíd done on my summer holiday in London back in the Sixties, and went on a cruise down the Thames to Greenwich. Things had changed a bit, along the way, and not necessarily for the better.


I suppose this may be a problem for anyone who feels proprietorial about their own capital city, even if they donít live there. We did the tourism a long time ago, and donít repeat it often. And when we do, the images from long ago may haunt us: itís great if you can find a place and see how itís evolved: less fun if you have trouble even finding the same location. Itís worse if it wasnít your picture to begin with!


A few years ago, I decided to find the location of Bill Brandtís classic portrait of Francis Bacon on Primrose Hill. As I recorded in the forums three years ago, itís not as simple as it sounds, because everything was different. New street lights, new surface on the path, and Ė biggest problem Ė the trees have grown rampant in nearly sixty years! Iíll post a link in a comment below.


Now, Iím not specially good at street photography (maybe you can tellÖ) But itís really hard to point a camera at exactly the same thing that all the tourists are shooting with their mobiles: the temptation is always to photograph the tourists, rather than make a hash of the shot theyíre taking (spoilt by the selfie stick on the rightÖ)


Maybe next time Iíll see what I can do with the archer in Piccadilly Circus! I suppose I will be able to go back to London some time this decade: and I shall, as usual, try to cram in as many as possible of my favourite places, though itís possible that many will have changed a lot since the last time I was there.


Why did I use Eros as the title? Well, itís to check a theory I have, which I will probably explain later. Who knows? I may have got you readingÖ


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12 Jan 2021 6:42AM

Now, here's a link to the place where I recorded my frustration at spending half a day in search of a place seen through a timeslip. Plus a couple more shots from my day out.


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