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Finding a word for it


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Finding a word for it

8 Mar 2022 5:05AM   Views : 224 Unique : 144


Language largely consists of nouns (name words) and verbs (doing words), and a standard sentence contains both. But, as a rule, people want to turn a description (such as person-who-takes-pictures) into a new noun (photographer). Giving something a name feels as if it confers knowledge and control: liked naming a disease. But thereís only control if the name helps in some way Ė a diagnosis that leads to understanding the options for treatment is good: giving a name change is nothing in itself, though it makes it quicker to refer to the something named.

But the change can be subtle: for instance, Iím reading an article in Black and White Photography called The Proscenium Arch. Tim Dalyís contention is that many successful pictures are the result of a photographer framing the picture as a performance, a piece of theatre that is slightly separated from real life, like a play on a traditional proscenium arch stage.

Itís perhaps a little different from the basic technique of having framing elements at the edge of a composition. It using those elements to say that whatís beyond them is special and a noteworthy with that realisation, I have something new to look for in composing my photographs.


dudler Plus
18 1.9k 1937 England
8 Mar 2022 5:09AM
The question is - do the random elements around the edge of the frame, which I might usually aim to exclude from the image provide a proscenium arch for the big shadow?

Also, you may wonder why this blog mixes two concepts - the otherness of certain types of frame, and the desire people seem to have to give things a name. Should some new names (and verbs) be strangled at birth, like the new verb, medal? I'm firmly in the camp that believes that using a noun as a very is horrendous meddling iwth the English language...
8 Mar 2022 7:03AM
I do not know the identity of the advertising executive who invented the verb "to fragrance," but when I find out I will, perhaps with the help of crowd-funding, pay to have him shot.
saltireblue Plus
12 13.0k 82 Norway
8 Mar 2022 7:48AM
The ever-increasing use of 'to impact (on)' which is doggedly taking over from the well-established, 'have an effect on'. Either with or without the extra word 'on'.
A typical example of American English taking over.
"How will the new law impact (on) your business" instead of "...affect your business"
dudler Plus
18 1.9k 1937 England
8 Mar 2022 8:50AM
I'm with you both.

Can I add all the people who insist on 'fragrancing' domestic products, Alan? Anything so polluted irritates my sinuses - literally getting up my nose.

I also have a pet aversion to people who 'put appropriate systems in place', Malc? It's different from setting up a system that works. Usually because it doesn't (work).
8 Mar 2022 9:25AM
My own groan verb?
" It's Difficult !! " now used to describe any situation where the author/speaker/user has not the verbal capacity to explain.
My teeth grate ...........

Back to the subject , personnaly i feel that anything that draws the eye from the main subject is detrimental, but then, I am getting
older Wink
kaybee 18 8.2k 27 Scotland
8 Mar 2022 9:31AM
On the photographic aspect - it only works if it is subtle and does not in itself become the focus of attention by clashing with the subject (such as colour or brightness).

As for the English ......... Americanisms and laziness are killing the language.
dark_lord Plus
18 2.9k 819 England
8 Mar 2022 1:10PM
There is the other view that lanfuage evolves. I have no issue with that and new words are always going to be needed. 'Internet' was a new word omce, but that was needed to describe the new phenomenon. But I do object to the term 'metaverse' as it means nothing and just some fancy sounding name dreamt up by management and marketing types.

Lamguage will evolve but in the hands of semi-literates it's rather like a deranged leader 'improving' a neighbouring country's infrastructure by shelling and bombing.
dudler Plus
18 1.9k 1937 England
9 Mar 2022 10:20AM
On the Arch, I wonder if Ollie has achieved the effect HERE, with formal composition and a strong frame behind the subject?

Like Morecambe and Wise performing in front of the curtain...
thewilliam2 5 1.6k United Kingdom
9 Mar 2022 11:12AM
Don't children constantly invent new words when they don't know the correct English word for what they need to express. We adults do the same but maybe not to the same extent.
dudler Plus
18 1.9k 1937 England
9 Mar 2022 5:20PM
Children delight in words that sound nice... A particular type of language vandal revels in ugly words (often for ugly concepts). I like to think I occasionally earn money from my knowledge of working with studio flash, low light, and models: I have no desire to 'monetize my experience'!

And yes, new words are necessary for new ideas and things. I won't ask that they be pure Greek or Latin in derivation, but I reserve the right to use salty Anglo-Saxon words for the people who try to make the language ugly, especially when a major goal seems to be to use more words and make fewer promises, or give less information.
ugly Plus
14 9 58 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2022 11:38PM
Thank you John for bringing me in to your subject ( UGLY) I just a photograph plain English as I not good a writing. The question I have is. If the image has no title does image have focal point you want. If not the title can guide you. Some international comp images in nature are give extra point for correct Latin word for said animal or nature image. Then for low grade bad writers and readers like me have no idea what they talking about. Then I start to waffle on missing the point. I think the main point is photography is there it paints a thousand words which we may not get correct written in words as it means so much to people in different ways. I just say enjoy your work and I hope other people can enjoy it with you.

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