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GEA ? first impressions


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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GEA Ė first impressions

11 Apr 2022 2:31PM   Views : 460 Unique : 252


Once or twice over the last couple of years friends here at Ephotozine have suggested I try a stint as Guest Editor. Iíve always balked at the idea, because I realized quite a long time ago that I never wanted to be absolutely in charge of anything. Well Ė anything more than a camera and a studio.

The task for each Guest Editor is to look at all of the pictures uploaded to Ephotozine for a week, and to give a Guest Editor Award to a selection of them. There isnít a limit on the number to be given each day, thatís the so suggestion that four is about right. And this week Iím doing it, because a friend who was due to be guest editor has been unwell, and is suffering from some sight problems. So here I am, and being me, there has to be a blog in it!

Iím sure some people would be counting exactly how many pictures that he is: have not done that because I canít count at the same time is doing something. Multitasking is much over rated by those with short attention spans. I might have a bash at working it out from the thumbnails later.

Iím learning one or two things as I go, because normally I look at particular genres, and the pictures of people whose work I know I like generally. I donít normally look at all the thumbnails and certainly not all the pictures: Iím expecting it will take me a little bit more time than my usual activities as an individual and as a member of the critique team.

Iím in two minds whether to post this now, or to wait until I can give a more considered view. I think I can to follow my usual approach and thereíll be another blog along in a few days giving my thoughts after a day or three doing this. Wish me luck, particularly with the internal battles about whether I should ever give a Guest Editor Award to someone who I correspond with and whose work I see every day.

My old dayjob gave me plenty of practice trying to follow the Nolan Principles, and thatís something that Iíd urge everyone to have a look at. Including members of Her Majestyís governmentÖ

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dudler Plus
19 2.1k 2018 England
11 Apr 2022 2:32PM
The infrared image of Amelie is intended to suggest that I'm finding the GE job nail-biting. Well - almost!
11 Apr 2022 4:07PM
Decisions Ö.decisions Ö. Some wisdomí from Van Morrison
Thereís only two kinds of truth Ö itís all about what you believe in your head and in your heart

From Vanís stellar song Little Village

You will make for a fine Guest Editor John Ö
pablophotographer 11 2.2k 444
11 Apr 2022 4:21PM
Wishing you strength and health as a GEA dudler!
clicknimagine Plus
13 1.3k 105 India
11 Apr 2022 5:03PM

Quote:particularly with the internal battles about whether I should ever give a Guest Editor Award to someone who I correspond with and whose work I see every day.

You can do the very best, every one is equal in your eyes...
mistere Plus
9 30 7 England
11 Apr 2022 7:29PM
Good luck 😁. I declined the invitation, would never have found the time...
11 Apr 2022 7:43PM
I am sure you will put that analytical mind of yours to the task in hand, John, just sit back and enjoy the experience Wink
12 Apr 2022 7:17AM
Don't over think it. You have good instincts, surely that's enough.
saltireblue Plus
13 14.0k 86 Norway
12 Apr 2022 7:48AM
Alan is right - don't over think it nor analyse every image to death. Go with first impressions and gut feelings...
af1 Plus
10 1 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2022 9:21AM
Good luck John..l am sure you will enjoy the power reallySmileSmileSmileWink !
Hi John, I am due to do it in September and have promised myself to only give awards for images that catch my eye and are worthy. If any of those are produced by my followers, so be it, the award award is for the image not the photographer.
smut01 Plus
7 149 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2022 9:55AM
I sort of figured that as the GE is passed around, enough styles, influences and likes are covered over a period of time... so go with what you know Smile
ZenTony Plus
7 24 7 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2022 9:57AM
I found it tough John; the most challenging aspect was to look at photos that do not necessarily appeal to my particular taste.
Good luck with it.
12 Apr 2022 10:05AM
Interesting blog John. It's my nail biting turn next week!
Owdman Plus
7 19 30 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2022 10:13AM
Informative blog John, I'm due this year too. I agree with Tony, for instance I rarely look at bird photographs, which I don't feel I'm particularly qualified to judge, having never really done any. I'll look forward to reading your blog at the end of the week.
cooky Plus
19 6 11 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2022 11:09AM
My worst nightmare John! Not you being the Guest Editor, the thought of doing the job! Thought I'd better clarify! WinkWinkWink

You are honest and non judgemental so you will be fine.

Just hope Will Smith doesn't take offence at any of your comments! WinkWink


dark_lord Plus
19 3.0k 836 England
12 Apr 2022 12:04PM
I've had three or four stints at GEA, the most recent in January this year. I found i needed a little dioscipline to look at all the images. In Normal Day-to-Day mode I scroll through the Gallery thumbnails, with no filters applied. If the thumbnail doesn't interest me (for whatever reaspn) I pass it by. In GE mode I use the arrows to move from one image to the next so I do get to see all the pictures full size. In both mods I use the Shortlist function. This is primarily so I can come back to em and consider if I want to give an award, which in most cases I do so my first instinct was right. I've done most genres to one extent or another over the years so I don't ind i so difficult to look at completely different images as the first requirement is that it's well executed. Then it has to be a stand out image in that genre and one I would like to have taken myself. Not all will be 'perfect' images in a photographic sense butwill have triggered a response from me in some way. Looking forward to your follow up blog.
kaybee 19 8.6k 28 Scotland
12 Apr 2022 12:46PM
Your eyes will be exhausted by the time you are finished...and your head will be spinning (and full of ideas).

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