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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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Go green

11 Jun 2020 9:50AM   Views : 411 Unique : 283


Amateur Photographer published a ‘green’ edition a week or two ago, and while I welcome the initiative, I was less than convinced by some of the suggestions in the magazine.

Now, let’s start with the science: if we took a pre-emptive, preventative view of global warming, we’d have banned air travel and the internal combustion engine. So, as a society, we take it less seriously than politics and economics…


In real life, almost however we live, we are damaging the planet a bit. If we travel a lot, it’s likely that we do a lot of damage: and to truly offset a flight next year, we’d need to have planted the trees 25 years ago. Otherwise, we’re putting the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere now, recapturing it in a quarter of a century…

On the other hand, unplugging the charging leads when not in use is not going to save much power… And just at present, it’s not a great idea to travel by bus and train – though that will change as the world gets coronavirus under control in a year or two.


Again, a really good environmentalist would buy secondhand as often as possible, recycle to the max, avoid disposable anything, and look for responsible sourcing of everything – not just camera gear, but also vegetables, television, shoes. And we’d be reducing the quantity of animal products in our diets.

I’m going to suggest just one change for most of us. And it’s a simple one, something we’ve had to do for three months, and can continue in the future. Forget the bucket list. Iceland, Tuscany, Yellowstone, Antelope Canyon – write them all off your travel agenda, unless you have relatives or friends in the area.


For places you do visit, give yourself time to get the good shots – don’t drop in and whisk away in a day, but stay around so that if the sunrise isn’t good tomorrow, you’ll have six more chances. Book an apartment and walk as much as possible – while I still feel guilty about flying to Rhodes for a holiday, staying in Lindos and walking all round the town most days reduces my footprint a good deal.

And – if you haven’t found it already – look at your own area’s treasures. There will be some, wherever you are!


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chase Avatar
chase Plus
18 2.5k 682 England
11 Jun 2020 10:02AM
Nothing to disagree with here as far as I am concerned, recycling is a great hobby, surprising what you can make from nothing/'junk'.
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
11 Jun 2020 10:11AM
I find the problem comes from my love of driving (as opposed to motoring), and the amount I travel in this country... It's hard to pack studio kit on the train - though I have done it once or twice...
Arvorphoto Avatar
Arvorphoto Plus
13 149 6 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2020 10:33AM
I certainly think more can be done with homes being more carbon neutral. I fail to understand why it is not compulsory that all new build houses have solar panels both PV and hot water (yes they do work). But there is a bigger picture and there are countries that need to be pushed hard to change their mentality and bring down their emissions.

One thing that is noticeable during this pandemic, is the lack of air and road transport has made quite a difference to CO2 emissions.
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
11 Jun 2020 11:09AM

Heat pumps, insulation, solar panels without the financial hype and complication... I know one person living in a carbon-neutral house, because her late husband was really keen. Most of us... Not much chance.
Chrism8 Avatar
Chrism8 16 1.1k 34 England
11 Jun 2020 12:07PM
I purchased a bike 2 weeks before lockdown, what a good decision that was Smile, I've not cycled for 25+ years, but back enjoying it again and have done 322 miles in just over 12 weeks, something I plan to continue with, low carbon if you take the cycle manufacturing process out of the equation, good for stamina and overall fitness and sometimes quicker than driving and parking the car.
mistere Avatar
mistere Plus
10 37 8 England
11 Jun 2020 1:06PM
One thing has really been obvious over the past few months, the amount of rubbish in our dustbins. Buying from the local farm shop
and avoiding the supermarket has cut our waste by well over 50%. And it's all packaging, no plastic tubs or cardboard, no layers and layers of
food wrap no polystyrene trays. Just a few paper bags. Plus the added advantage that the food is so much tastier.
We've all probably discovered a lot more in our local areas, taking the time to look properly pays dividends. The same is very true when
you go away on holiday. As you rightly pointed out, so many people go somewhere just to tick it off on their list. Spending a few days in
a country, or a city or town, isn't enough. I know lots of people who say they've been to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Etc, but they never
set foot outside the hotel grounds. A pool, a sun lounger and all inclusive service seems to satisfy most holiday requirements these days.
Fewer trips abroad isn't a bad idea, making the most of the trips we do have just makes sense.

dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
11 Jun 2020 1:27PM
Real wisdom there, Gentlemen!

I have to admit to owning a bicycle, but not using it - my road is not conducive to feeling secure on two wheels, because of the many large vehicles. But...

And yes - less packaging is a side-benefit of shopping local. Let us hope that the habits become set. Apart from anything else, I feel supermarkets have committed a big con trick: they aren ot, now, necessarily cheaper, or better: sometimes, they are merely a reliable source of mediocre produce...
Howard2 Avatar
Howard2 8 3 5 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2020 1:49PM
When it comes to the issues raised in today's blog and other issues too that are ever present with us, the administrations and governments and those in authority all start with the little guys like me saying what I should or should not be dong, and let the really big guys off, like China and India and the USA and Russia. Plastics - why cant Someone Somewhere tell Whoever, industrial chemists maybe - hey, make degradable containers for milk, those who package medication - use recyclable foil or other forms of packaging, and from such a date tell marketeers to use less packaging for products from then on.
But to return to photography - I would walk any distance to capture your model in today's shot.
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
11 Jun 2020 6:56PM
I think that it works two ways: one is for us, as consumers, to demand what is right, and be prepared to pay a premium for it if necessary (and it often will be). The flip side of that is to refuse to buy things we want if they are unsustainable - vegetables flown from around the world are some sort of eco-crime...

And also, we should be voting... Possibly for the green party, certainly asking representatives of other parties to make sustainability a major part of their agenda. Business as usual won't hack it: but if we're quiet, that's where the present UK government is heading, I'm afraid.

To coin a phrase, 'Get Sustainability Done' - without that, everything else will turn to dross.
dark_lord Avatar
dark_lord Plus
19 3.0k 836 England
11 Jun 2020 9:12PM
Reducing the amount we travel is good, as there are so many irrelevant journeys. I've not flown for over ten years, and quite rankly don't miss it.
Don't blame chemists, it's the accountants and marketeers that are responsible for the rise in cheap and nasty 'packaging'. As soon as you involve money everything else goes out of the window (or into landfill).
And we've gone two months in the UK at least without burning coal to produce electricity.

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