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Instant wins


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Instant wins

24 Oct 2020 8:31AM   Views : 367 Unique : 203


Iíve realised, lately, that there seem to be some models who provide me with instant votes, and often awards. They are striking in appearance, and capable models Ė but there seem to be some who gather quite disproportionate votes.

And there are other models who have impressed me, but donít seem to bring instant success to the images, although Iíve found them to be quite excellent, often bringing diverse and unusual skills to the images.

So hereís Eleonora, who has appeared in my portfolio a few times over quite a lot of years. I met her through my friend Fred Whisker, who ran the Dance Group at The Camera Club in Kennington for many years, and is still active in his mid-nineties. Thatís him, on the violin. Eleonora trained in contemporary dance at the Laban Conservatoire in London, and one thing led to another, photographically.


Sheís lively, intelligent, flexible and creative, and physically very strong. That all made for great pictures, and Iím glad to say that I photographed her several times, often sharing the studio and time with Fred. And most of my images of her have fared less well than average here at Ephotozine. OK: many of them were posted a good while ago, when I was relatively new here, but I keep wondering about some sort of X Factor in modelling.

Or do I mean sex appeal? Three models who have garnered lots of votes for me lately Ė Black Beauty, Lottii Rose and That_Model_Jasmine Ė each have a simmering sexuality about them, and Eleonora doesnít have that, I think. Her modelling ability lies in slightly different areas. Another model Iíve worked with, Rachelle Summers, is always very beautiful, and perhaps the most perfectly beautiful person Iíve photographed Ė but like Eleonora, is thoroughly wholesome.

Iím left with a conundrum Ė any insights are welcome: this blogís more question than statement!



24 Oct 2020 9:38AM
Well when you find the answer make sure to let us know, John! OK, my images are different to yours. But I've pondered the same.. Yes, there are definitely certain models who are very popular because of their looks/physique and/or their ability to network and get bookings. Also models have a totally different following than photographers. I remember feeling more than a little annoyed once where I'd set up a model in a pose for a photo where the final image was to have a candle in her mouth that was lit at both ends (Don't ask! Lol). But I then realised that I'd left the matches 30 yards away. So I nipped to get them. In the meanwhile I hadn't realised that the model had taken a selfie on her phone, with the unlit candles, facing the wrong way, showing the unholy mess of hung up props on the studio wall behind her. Her image went viral and got over 5000 loves on a website within 24 hours. Wnen I eventually edited my shot it only got a tiny proportion of this loves. Sadly it seems to be increasingly like that, on sites like Instagram, where women with just selfies can get hundreds of thousands of followers and excellent photographers just get hundreds! 😕
24 Oct 2020 10:40AM
Yes, no doubt that certain models attract more votes than others. What is the quality that makes the difference ? You speak of sexuality John, but blatant sexuality doesnt do it - it has to be more subtle. That simmering sexuality you mention, yes, but I would add elegance to the list of key attributes. Either of these qualities is powerful, but both together are irresistible for me. I love the photo at the top of your post, it hits all the right buttons as a photo and the model is attractive, but she is not elegant.

This begs the question whether we are awarding the subject or the photograph. It's probably a bit of both, but I would like to think that I would not award a poor photo of the best model in the world...
Would I award a fine photo of an unattractive model - less sure, but in the right circumstances, I hope so.
chase Plus
15 1.9k 481 England
24 Oct 2020 10:42AM
Focusing on the strong points of the model bring different looks to the party John.
Some have a physical look, some an emotional connection.
Beauty, however portrayed is always beautiful and deffo in the eyes of the beholder.
dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1739 England
24 Oct 2020 10:47AM
Paul - there's always a certain charm to a behind-the-scenes picture. And models have a much stronger following than photographers, especially in our world(s).

David - yes, indeed. And... No, as well. I think that blatant sexuality does sell and attract, but not quite the same audience.

Awards - there's a question! Part of the photographer's skill is in choosing and working with models, in partnership. I've read, many years ago, an interview with Janet Cook, who was a frequent contributor to the Paul Raymond men's magazines. She viewed the partnership as a sort of conspiracy between women and against the men who chose, published and bought her output!
JuBarney Plus
9 33 5 United Kingdom
24 Oct 2020 9:00PM
Love all these shots and think she is a smashing model.
IMHO I love the models who pose with a little tiny bit of modesty and who do not look tarty.
Going digital has brought an enormous increase in people taking photographs but, I think if I am anything o go by, not photographers. I do not have the ability to comment on the photographic qualities of any submitted to ePhoto and can only go on what "pleases my eye". My non-voting/voting is photographically irrelevant and you kind folk who do vote or comment on my efforts should know very little if any photographic knowledge has gone into them.
If this does prevail in the new generation of "digiters" you film men will perchance get less recognition of your photographic abilities. Catching up with you is I think going to take a fair while yet.
"where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise" - methinks that is where I'm from
dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1739 England
25 Oct 2020 8:51PM
Ju - Thank you! Yes, Eleonora remained modest at all times, even when completely nude: and she has that certain classy something. Not many people have it, particularly these days. As a (mere) man, I have to say that I appreciate both the trashy and the tarty. But I have a very special respect for models who pose as if they have read and understood every word of Rudyard Kipling's 'If'!

Peter - I'll quote a friend's poem, from many years back, when we were all young:

In the elastic minutes
between midnight and dawn
I have watched the stars
and tried to be wise.
But all I see is their beauty.

You are rich in wisdom...

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