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Keep it clean


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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Keep it clean

14 Jan 2022 2:31PM   Views : 525 Unique : 238


Anyone who has consistently read this blog will know that I donít actually keep my photographic gear meticulously clean Ė youíve seen the dust in the nooks and crannies and watermarks on the front elements of lenses. So you may be surprised to know that I recently cleaned a couple of batteries really well.


The truth is that I put a pair of trousers in the washing machine oblivious of the fact that there were two camera batteries in the back pockets. One of them emerged slightly discharged but definitely working, the other one Ė as you can see Ė fared slightly less well.

So I think I may have a new yearís resolution to take more care about checking my pockets before putting clothes in the wash. The good news is that I havenít done anything on the Ďdo notí list on the side of the batteries: the washing machine ran at 40ᵒ Celsius. Well except that the shell has started to part on one endÖ


Keeping kit clean matters, though. Iím not convinced that keeping everything in a bag all the time is the best compromise between utility and care, but some people feel happier that way. Wrapping cameras and lenses in old, clean towels or even socks can be helpful. I also find that the original, fiery Listerine and a very clean, old and soft cotton handkerchief are good for the front lens element, and indeed any part of the camera that is a bit grubby. Q-Tips are good for nooks and crannies.


But when it comes to sensors, stick to the purpose-made stuff! Once youíve seen it done, itís remarkably simple to clean your own, but a little attention to the process helps avoid horrible mistakes. I use a LensPen device to removed stubborn bits of effluent from my sensors, but I always have to use cleaning mode on my mirrorless cameras. If I donít do that, the sensor floats on the IS mechanism. I only use wet cleaning very, very occasionally Ė most of the item itís just not necessary.


And my first line of attack is with a blower, because thatís often sufficient to remove anything thatís settled during a lens change. I wonít admit to ever blowing into the camera, because that would be a risky thing to do.



dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1975 England
14 Jan 2022 2:32PM
Apologies for the quality of the last shot: early in the day, holding the camera in one hand and the LensPen in the other...

Other cleaning systems are available!

P.S. No blog tomorrow - a Della Day.
14 Jan 2022 3:23PM
I very rarely clean anything... don't notice any difference when I do. I'm really quite disgusting.
mistere Plus
9 23 7 England
14 Jan 2022 5:02PM
Alternative new yearís resolution. 'Don't put spare camera batteries in your trouser pockets' Smile
Have a lovely Della Day.
Just Jas Plus
21 26.4k 1 England
15 Jan 2022 3:04AM
Who is Della Day? Blush
DaveRyder Plus
8 6.6k 18 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2022 7:33AM
Enjoy your Della Day...

I'll add this to the blog if I may - be careful with Lithium Batteries and washing machines, not a good mix

JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
15 Jan 2022 10:02AM
I once cleaned my Olympus film camera really well.
A wave on the beach knocked my tripod over.

Managed to get it repaired and paid for with an insurance claim.

As you know, cameras in those days did not have much electronics in them so not sure what would happen now !
cooky Plus
19 6 8 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2022 10:48AM
Men and not emptying trouser pockets...I am just saying John!

I'm with you on camera bags - I think unless you are using the camera in them regularly, they sweat and any plastic/rubber deteriorates. My new Panasonic waits ever ready on the sideboard in it's faux leather case. The Canon is resting like a good actor atm!


DaveRyder Plus
8 6.6k 18 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2022 10:52AM
Incidentally, I've just check my batteries and labels don't prohibit ironing or tumble drying either. 🤣🤣
Jestertheclown 14 8.7k 255 England
15 Jan 2022 10:55PM

Quote:I once cleaned my Olympus film camera really well.
A wave on the beach knocked my tripod over.

I once dropped my OM40 into the sea whilst playing the fool on the beach.

It took a while to find it; when I did, I wiped it on my T-shirt and carried on using it for another twenty-odd years.
dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1975 England
16 Jan 2022 8:46AM
JustJas - Della is my granddaughter, and has featured in quite a lot of my pictures since September: apologies for my innate assumption that everyone reading my blog has seen everythign I've posted. I hope I'm generally careful about such things, but I know i slipped up here.

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