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Makes me happy


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Makes me happy

4 Apr 2021 7:46AM   Views : 331 Unique : 187


These are words my wife uses whenever she’s pleased with something – it may be one of the pleasures of a simple life, or something very complicated and unusual. But any way round, she’s appreciating it. What makes you happy, photographically?

Do you enjoy handling nice cameras and lenses? Is the pleasure of our hobby not so much in the results as in the means of production? That’s fine, of course: Just make sure that you don’t buy kit on spec, or because someone told you it would be great. Hands on is the only way to find out, and that’s going to be getting easier very soon in England.


Maybe it’s the act of taking a picture that floats your boat and puts wind in the sails? Do you love the click of the shutter, maybe the snick of the mirror returning? I love the hollow clunk of my old Alpha 900, or the complicated sound a Hasselblad makes – the shutter closes, the mirror goes up and the shutter opens and closes: followed by the whirrs and snicks as you wind on and bring the mirror down again…

Or perhaps the interaction with others on a group outing to take pictures, the conversation with human subjects, or simply bonding with your dog on a long walk. Even communing with nature on a trek to a new vantage point – or an old one. The Hope Valley in Derbyshire seems like a second home to many EPZ members.


The complex delights of a process involving many layers to perfect an image, or the analogue equivalent of dodging and burning, of rubbing a warming finger on one part of the print, and later checking for and getting rid of dust spots with a tiny squirrel hair brush.

Maybe, for you, it’s actually all about looking at the finished print (or an online post) and revelling in having made THAT, from the first hint of an idea to the choice of frame and mat, and the title in pencil below it. Or – as with these shots from Easter 2019 in Lindos on Rhodes – the lovely memory of having been somewhere wonderful at a special time.

Happy Easter!



dudler Plus
17 1.6k 1832 England
4 Apr 2021 7:49AM
If you've never seen a Greek Orthodox Easter - from the solemn procession late on Good Friday to the joy of sharing light and peace at the very start of Easter Sunday, you have missed something that will make any soul rejoice (even if you reject the idea of having a soul, there's joy in the community and sharing).

philtaylorphoto 19 334 2
4 Apr 2021 8:03AM
The rattle of a motor drive at full speed, as something dramatic breaks, the wait after a long exposure night shot as the back eventually reveals what you can't see, seeing a picture full bleed on a 'front', then seeing it as a 'real' print and realising cameras are pretty good nowadays
4 Apr 2021 8:09AM
Processing an image that for some reason I feel isn't going to turn out very well... but then, surprisingly, it does.
dudler Plus
17 1.6k 1832 England
4 Apr 2021 8:15AM
Thank you, gentlemen. I understand both of these experiences!
saltireblue Plus
10 11.8k 75 Norway
4 Apr 2021 8:18AM
For me it is the satisfaction of seeing the desired finished result in my head, while looking at what appears to be an ordinary, everyday scene, envisaging how it will look when i have applied "my magic" to convert it into something as individual as I myself am. This satisfaction only fully blossoms when I see that the actual end result is indeed as I had imagined it before that shutter was pressed.
Like the football leaving the striker's boot, or the golfball leaving the club head ... you know it's going to sweetly hit its target way before it gets there

The same with that photo you just took ... before you even look at the camera back ... everything just felt right as you clicked the shutter. You may then take ten more of your subject, but none of them turn out quite as well as that special shot. Everything had just dropped into place.

That's a good feeling.

Happened to me last year on a totally impromptu shot in Shoreditch, London, after I approached a great looking couple in the street and asked them for some photos ...


philtaylorphoto 19 334 2
4 Apr 2021 8:39AM
I have to agree with the idea of pre planning something, setting it up, then seeing the shot just as you planned it.

In the days in 2019 when diary news was a thing, I would often set up a shot in my head for a news job down to the lens, composition and lighting.
chavender Plus
10 495 1 France
4 Apr 2021 10:23AM
For me, it`s the pleasure of finding an insect in the undergrowth or a pristine butterfly.
Plus the challenge of getting a sharp, well composed and exposed image that I can then take into lightroom/photoshop and tweak the image to my satistfaction.
Having just acquired a manual everything macro lens (7 artisans 60mm) for my EM1 there is also the pleasure of doing it the "old" way.
4 Apr 2021 11:26AM
Just handling cameras is great, and I did buy one camera on a love at first sight moment after reading a review in an AP I bought at a motorway service when travelling to France when Olympus brought out their first Micro 4/3 EP-1, when I can't remember, but I spent 4 weeks in France reading and re-reading the test and waiting to return to the UK, I bought the camera new within days of returning I still have it and use it occasionally I find it good but I wouldn't say it was great, it was the retro look that appealed but the lack of a viewfinder is frustrating. Paul.
chase Plus
15 2.1k 562 England
4 Apr 2021 11:46AM
Happiness for me is seeing the finished image that looks just like I 'saw' it before the shutter went down.
5 31 1 United States
4 Apr 2021 2:48PM
For me, it's the challenge associated with becoming the best photographer I can be.
I'll never tire of watching and waiting for a print to emerge.... anticipation.... anticipation... then lifting it into my viewing box.... aaahhhhh, yes... maybe just a tad more vibrance... a few degrees warmer... or perfect!
dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 761 England
4 Apr 2021 4:19PM
Achieving a good end result. Sometimes the effort involved is part of the experience too, as I begin to see things come together, either in the way I set things up or the way a shoot progresses. Then there's the added satisfaction of seeing more possibilities in an image later on for example a mono conversion I just hadn't thought about before.
dudler Plus
17 1.6k 1832 England
4 Apr 2021 6:01PM
And i have to mention the absolute peak experience in photography, for me and for many others: the magic of watching a black-and-white print in the developer, as a white piece of paper turns into a beautiful print...
JuBarney Plus
9 33 5 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2021 7:12PM
Getting a pleasing shot from Dorset Steam Rally published by the county paper, which enabled me to get a Press pass the following year! (They are like gold dust, and I could walk around IN the "playpen" instead of having to stay outside)
10 Apr 2021 5:57AM
For me it is all about adventure.The adventure of getting in my vehicle to see what new photo opportunities I can find .
Or to relish in the simple joy of returning to familiar places to see what they are like in differing light and seasons.
All the while wondering if I will come home with something promising to load and minimally tinker with on the IMAC. If I am lucky some captures will be interesting enough to share with family , friends , fellow Togs, and the charities I donate my work to.

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