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Monstrous metrics


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Monstrous metrics

5 Jan 2022 2:59PM   Views : 378 Unique : 241


In 2022, Iím wondering about taking off the Fitbit Iíve worn for the last four years, and relying on the sense of needing to move around that itís instilled in me instead, plus at least a short daily walk, even if Iím not going anywhere special. Iím wondering if the worry of hitting the multiple goals adds more stress through guilt than it relieves by making me fitterÖ

So something that is genuinely helpful in many ways has some significant downsides. Can that happen elsewhere? Of course it can! And Iím thinking of those lovely camera reviews that we all read Ė here at EPZ, in magazines, or on YouTube.

My fitbit has helped me get into the habit of walking round the block on days that I donít do anything else: and it helps me move around a little during the day when Iím feeling soporific Ė it buzzes on my wrist at ten minutes to the hour if I havenít clocked 250 steps since the last hour, all day. But when I find myself pacing up and down the hall with a film on pause on TV, maybe the tailís wagging the dog?

My bugbear in camera reviews is a fixation with high frame rates and modes. I need the ability to fire a frame every time the flash units recycle: around every two seconds with most of the units I own. I can achieve that with any film camera I have, except the specially unergonomic Exaktas, and more isnít worth anything to me. I donít shoot sequences of action often enough to need the ten frames a second my Alpha 7R III offers (how on earth do you edit that many files?)

Modes? My Contax RTS has Aperture priority and Manual, and I rarely use anything else on any other camera. I acknowledge that sports and wildlife photographers need more speed and one more mode, but thatís all, really. If you are a serious photographer (someone who wants to polish every frame in editing), I suspect itís the same for you.

Weatherproofing? How often do you shoot in torrential rain? Two cards? It was never an issue until people started writing about it in reviews. Certainly, cards occasionally fail, and one loses pictures, but not often, and recovery software means you usually get most of them backÖ But to demand two cards on any Ďseriousí camera is silly. Especially for those people who donít back up their files on an external drive!

So Iím arguing that too many metrics mean misery, and often push you towards a solution thatís not the best you can have, by giving you Ďred linesí that have no reason to exist. And maybe Iíll leave the Fitbit on the bedside table Ė Iíve worn it more consistently and more continuously than Iíve ever worn a watch. And at the same time, Iím grateful for what itís done for me.


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dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
5 Jan 2022 2:59PM
And yes, the top-plate of my Contax is that dusty.
ZenTony Avatar
ZenTony Plus
7 28 7 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2022 3:11PM
I just commit to 5 miles a day walking and that's that. I get out early in the morning and it definitely does kick start me.
I don't need a Fitbit to tell me but do confess to being sorely tempted at one stage.
Personally I do find two cards in the camera quite useful but it would never have been the reason for not buying a specific camera if it did not have two.
I am going retro now with my Sony. As far as possible shooting in manual and totally back to basics. Margate last week was a real lesson. So many fundamental mistakes....sigh.
The point being there are a million settings on the camera that I don't use any more. (Exception would have to be on street stuff where I need to catch something so would possibly chose AP.
Anyway; it's all good fun.
Imageryonly Avatar
Imageryonly Plus
3 203 11 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2022 7:57PM
Mabe I am old fashioned, but my abiding wish, since the advent of digital, is for one of the manufacturers to produce a camera
that Takes 20mpeg images in RAW format only, A-S-M settings, Iso adjustments and exposure compensation. Playback and
and file fransfer.
This is my own requirment, not a format for others, as I very rarely use Jpeg, and find the cameras inventors ideas of an image overiding
mine frustrating.
So RAW it is, and if I make a b***'s up of the editing , I can only blame myself Wink
I am of the old school!
.If you get it right in camera, only very minor tweeks are neccessary during editing.
The best images I have ever taken were with a Mamiya C3 Pro TLR, and their range of lenses. The images, when scanned on a reasonable scanner,
give a 54mpeg in Tiff format.Slow to use, but when you only have 12 exposures per film, getting it right is imperative SmileSmile
Still have the camera and all the lenses, a project for the Summer.

dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
5 Jan 2022 9:35PM
And fun is what it should be about, Tony. I bet you haven't found a use for maximum frame rate, either...
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
6 Jan 2022 4:58AM
My highest 'portable' quality comes from a Pentax 67 (10 frames per film) - it had some exercise on Tuesday, and so there may be results soon... I chose the Pentax after trying a range of medium format cameras: the handling is superior to any of the rivals, if you like working without a tripod. The metrics are incredible for most digital users - flash synch at 1/30... Several acres of rubberised silk in the shutter mechanism, but the results are outstanding.

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