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Muddled message


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Muddled message

17 Sep 2020 8:47AM   Views : 534 Unique : 337


Iíve just looked at a picture that is supposed to be highly symbolic. It is, but what I canít work out is what it symbolises Ė whether itís ironic, or seriously meant. Anyway, I gave it a miss with the vote button.
Iím currently racing through a book by Harold Evans, one-time editor of the Sunday Times. Itís probably going to be behind a couple of blogs, because it poses interesting questions about the importance of cropping (and not cropping), image selection, and the Ďdecisive momentí.


There are also big questions about truth and lies. This matters to press people (really: it does, at least to most of them), and it should probably matter to the rest of us. Itís a theme that two of my friends here on Ephotozine have explicitly looked at Ė philtaylorphoto shoots for local and national press, and miseawell has shot images of Black Lives Matter protests in his part of Utah.

Iíll be honest Ė Iím not interested in shooting most possibly-newsworthy events Ė there are usually more important things to do, like ringing the emergency services or persuading a shocked car crash victim that she should not go to look for her mobile out on the M6 if itís serious. If it isnít that much of a problem, then it feels intrusive to be one more person taking pictures of a private moment.


But we all, sometimes, photograph things that are really important to us, and occasionally the creative bug bites and requires us to photograph something that doesnít necessarily state its message clearly.
Evans is very clear that captions matter, as do headlines. If you want to make a big statement about (for instance) Brexit or the governmentís competence, it needs to be as clear as a political cartoon.

My images are old, from 2005 and the Make Poverty History march in London. It was a very good-natured event, the most disruptive part being a march past Downing Street with a chant of ĎWake up, Tonyí at a rather early hour of the morning. It wasnít challenging to take the pictures.


Iíll leave you with an approximation of the slogan on the wristbands that so many of us wore, so that thereís no doubt where I stand on the issues. Thereís a link between poverty and so many of the other ills in society, almost certainly including the transmission of Covid-19 from bats to humans.

Drop the debt. More and better aid. Fair trade not free trade.


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dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.2k 2064 England
17 Sep 2020 8:48AM
A moment from history, 15 years ago. The crowds and the good nature seem a long way away now...
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 451
19 Sep 2020 12:35AM
It must be a strange moon tonight.

I just voted on a picture of a person who seems happy they will go out tomorrow with their camera.

I have said in the past, what makes the photographer is not the camera. It is the picture!

Even if you shot it with a smartphone...

"You can catch a fish with a hook or a net. Will it taste any different when it is cooked?

I understand the joy of cameras. I have plenty. I guess it is the power to control the end result. Or the fact you are out and about again.

It is a nice picture you have there. I would have said it even if you had drawn it and water-coloured it."

What do people think? Go... figure...
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 451
19 Sep 2020 1:30PM
I will openly apologise for bringing this up in your blog dudler but I think it was apt. I will also include it in my blog when the right time comes (under the letters H or I).

As I said on my comment above, what it matters is the actual picture not the camera used to capture it. Some of the pictures of the following video were not even made by a camera or a lens. Yet they are sold in Christie's for thousands of dollars.


I hope our Dialogue strengthens and serves the purpose of the blogs, expands knowledge and nurtures thinking.
dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.2k 2064 England
20 Sep 2020 11:26AM
I'm not sure how this is particularly relevant to this particular blog, but there's no need to apologise for mentioning it!

Interesting link.

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