Playing The Long Game: Outdoor Photography With Telezooms

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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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  • Finding a word for it

    Language largely consists of nouns (name words) and verbs (doing words), and a standard sentence contains both. But, as a rule, people want to turn a description (such as person-who-takes-pictures) into a new noun (photographer). Giving something a...0

    1Finding a word for it

    8 Mar 2022 5:05AM  |  Read


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  • A venture

    Two years ago, I bought a new car, and one of the less-obvious benefits was a voucher for a portrait session at a local studio – I won’t name it because I’m sure many other businesses do the same thing equally competently. Covid delayed matters some...0

    2A venture

    3 Mar 2022 8:25PM  |  Read


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  • 18Secondhand bookshops part 2

    For those over 18, here’s a chance to marvel at the changes in publishing over the last 60 years or so. I wrote the other day, describing the three books of (largely) nude pictures I bought in Todmorden, and today there are illustrations, plus a cou...1

    22 Feb 2022 4:27PM  |  Read


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  • Secondhand bookshops…

    Four nights in Calderdale, and far too many books bought secondhand, including a couple of ‘collectable’ volumes, I suspect. There are impressive bookshops to be found…Times change, and three of the books I brought back show this very clearly indeed....0

    20 Feb 2022 9:13AM  |  Read


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  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    I rounded off a four night stay in Calderdale with a visit to the Yorkshire sculpture park on the way home. My wife and I agreed to go before we left Hebden bridge and I booked the tickets with my mobile phone. I hate booking things on my mobile! ...0

    2Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    18 Feb 2022 8:33PM  |  Read


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  • A plastic bag and a rubber band

    Is your camera weatherproof? I have a feeling I’ve blogged about this before, and demonstrated sheltering a camera on a shoulder strap with my arm. But if it gets a bit more serious, there is still a simple way to make a summer camera into an all-w...0

    2A plastic bag and a rubber band

    9 Feb 2022 8:42AM  |  Read


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  • Julia Fullerton-Batten

    I was leafing through the free videos that one website offers, and had a look at a short piece about JFB, who I’d not heard of before. The site describes her as a fine art photographer, which, for present purposes, let’s define as ‘does own projects...0

    2Julia Fullerton-Batten

    7 Feb 2022 8:04AM  |  Read


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  • How good is good enough?

    We all want to ‘improve’ in what we do, don’t we? (I except a very small number of people who I met during my working life, who were happy with things exactly as they were – I found it rather hard, in a brief spell as a union rep, to understand a co...0

    5How good is good enough?

    6 Feb 2022 11:57AM  |  Read


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  • Denis Norden and the narrative secret

    I grew up with BBC radio comedy: and Denis Norden and Frank Muir we among my favourite performers, in a very literary quiz called My Word. They were already – had I but known it – legendary as writers. Late in his rather long life, DN took part in o...0

    2Denis Norden and the narrative secret

    3 Feb 2022 3:53AM  |  Read


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  • The model as artist

    I can’t resist looking round secondhand bookshelves, and they can often provide photographic inspiration: especially when I find books of photographs by a photographer whose name I don’t know. A visit to Attingham Park and the National Trust’s seco...0

    4The model as artist

    31 Jan 2022 1:16PM  |  Read


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  • A non-political view of Sue Gray

    One of the silly Sunday posts today suggested that a figure was a senior civil servant disguised as Mary Poppins to deliver her report to Downing Street. I couldn’t refrain from comment, as I’ve had some professional dealings with almost equally se...0

    30 Jan 2022 2:15PM  |  Read


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  • A very strange job

    This blog is very late, partly because of other things happening when I got home, but also partly because what I did this morning was peculiar. I’m glad I did it in several different ways: the most important of these was that it is what a grieving ...0

    26 Jan 2022 10:15PM  |  Read


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  • Halation

    Halation was, at one time, the bugbear of against-the-light photography. It wrecked the images that flare didn’t… As it doesn’t happen with digital, maybe some explanation is necessary. Here goes. Film isn’t completely opaque, so light can go straig...0


    24 Jan 2022 7:00AM  |  Read


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  • Surprise, surprise

    I was exploring the idea of ‘glimpses’ with Amber Belle, and had taken along a couple of long, manual focus lenses – I’ll say a little bit about the two of them first. My 100mm Canon f/3.5 is an old lens – I reckon it dates from about 1960. It’s a ...0

    3Surprise, surprise

    22 Jan 2022 8:51AM  |  Read


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  • Nearly banished

    Roy (aka kaybee) commented on my blog about sharing a studio with Norm (aka Owdman), and told a tale of a club night that ultimately led to him leaving the club, on grounds of incompatibility! It reminded me of a similar experience I had 35 years a...0

    4Nearly banished

    20 Jan 2022 8:47AM  |  Read


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