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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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  • 18Successes and failures

    There are situations when you know it’s all going to work, despite the odds. And others where you have to try, but… A couple of weeks ago, I did a joint shoot with Norm, better known here as Owdman. Although we both take pictures of women, our shoo...1

    19 Jan 2022 7:43AM  |  Read


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  • Professional?

    Photography is one sphere in which the term professional is used with very mixed and variable meanings. Let’s have a look, and see if we can clarify it, or maybe decide to use the word with care. If thinking about my own situation, and I spent a la...0


    18 Jan 2022 7:20AM  |  Read


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  • This Separated Isle

    [Prejudice is] ‘an emotional commitment to ignorance’ (Nathan Rutstein) Even the most annoying words can be helpful… I won’t give chapter and verse, but a writer who has an amazing ability to annoy me with random tangents and ideas recently wrote a...0

    1This Separated Isle

    17 Jan 2022 9:04AM  |  Read


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  • Other lives, other blogs

    I wrote, a couple of years back, about a local business that has flourished for a decade, and which is very dear to my heart – Ag Photographic, founded by Matt Wells. I’m a fairly regular visitor to their premises, and have had the privilege of seei...0

    1Other lives, other blogs

    16 Jan 2022 9:01AM  |  Read


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  • Keep it clean

    Anyone who has consistently read this blog will know that I don’t actually keep my photographic gear meticulously clean – you’ve seen the dust in the nooks and crannies and watermarks on the front elements of lenses. So you may be surprised to know...0

    6Keep it clean

    14 Jan 2022 2:31PM  |  Read


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  • Vignette

    You know how you can be familiar with a word and a concept, and then it suddenly turns round and bites you? ‘Vignette’ did that to me this evening. We have vignette effects available in software, so it’s obviously a good thing. Or is it? Read a len...0


    13 Jan 2022 7:40AM  |  Read


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  • Discriminatory software – and things

    Last year, I read a series of items in New Scientist about the way that various types of racial discrimination are being researched. Why do black people have worse medical outcomes, educational outcomes? It’s not all easy material to read, but it i...0

    6Discriminatory software – and things

    12 Jan 2022 7:29AM  |  Read


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  • Resolution revolution

    I’ve been reading. In the Guardian Weekly, a series of ideas for making life better by doing the opposite of what articles on how to make life better normally suggest. My wife is very uncertain about learning to love my clutter! I think one of th...0

    5Resolution revolution

    11 Jan 2022 8:07AM  |  Read


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  • A bit shiny

    That was the phrase a friend used to describe Rachelle Summers in a recent picture that I posted here. And it’s true that I’d used the Imagenomic skin softening plugin on the picture, along with the Nik Efex detail extractor. To some extent, the t...0

    3A bit shiny

    10 Jan 2022 11:44AM  |  Read


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  • Completely Redundant Aimless Photograph. Or Piffle

    This was a rather fine four-letter acronym produced by an EPZ friend who wishes to remain nameless – more precisely, the first two versions are: the third is all my own. It was an attempt to pass off referring to a picture as ordure as a technical ...0

    5Completely Redundant Aimless Photograph. Or Piffle

    9 Jan 2022 11:31AM  |  Read


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  • Clever clips

    Relatively early in the first lockdown, I bought myself five KN95/FFP2 masks, with straps that went behind my head, rather than round my ears. They were intended for repeated use, and two packs of five have lasted me most of the time since, suppleme...0

    6Clever clips

    7 Jan 2022 10:20AM  |  Read


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  • Free tutorials on T’Intewebs

    Some people say they’re the best thing ever: but I find that I need a large pinch of salt and a great deal of patience to watch most of them. For instance, in a video about being entrusted with a model’s first ever shoot, I don’t want to hear about ...0

    1Free tutorials on T’Intewebs

    6 Jan 2022 4:27AM  |  Read


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  • Monstrous metrics

    In 2022, I’m wondering about taking off the Fitbit I’ve worn for the last four years, and relying on the sense of needing to move around that it’s instilled in me instead, plus at least a short daily walk, even if I’m not going anywhere special. I’m...0

    2Monstrous metrics

    5 Jan 2022 2:59PM  |  Read


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  • Miroslav Tichý

    In England and Wales, we have a law that forbids ‘upskirting’ – surreptitious photography of any person (the law is not confined to women) with the intention of viewing their genitals or buttocks, with or without underwear ‘where the purpose of the ...0

    2 Jan 2022 7:58AM  |  Read


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  • Christopher Joyce

    Chris Joyce was an advertising photographer who has almost disappeared from history. He died young, in his early fifties, before the internet was very active. Websearches often lead to a dead page, including the site his daughter helped set up in 20...0

    1 Jan 2022 10:33AM  |  Read


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