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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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  • 18Flaunt

    ĎIf youíve got it flaunt ití is a popular saying, and itís one Iím not averse to in the studio. But not everyone who flaunts has got it, and flaunting is sometimes inappropriate. The Sunday Times produced a fine example yesterday with one of the s...1

    13 Sep 2021 9:42AM  |  Read


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  • Beauty dish

    Itís really easy to slip into a shorthand that leaves other people feeling excluded, or at least bewildered. I use my beauty dish so often that I fall into this trap pretty regularly! So here is a blog all about what a beauty dish is, and why itís...0


    12 Sep 2021 7:21AM  |  Read


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  • Weddings (again)

    My first grandchild is due to arrive in this world a week today, if sheís as punctual as her parents: and because of the imminent risk of labour, I was providing backup for her mumís last professional photographic engagement before confinement Ė at ...0


    11 Sep 2021 9:22AM  |  Read


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  • SD-9

    My name is John Duder, and I own a Sigma SD-9. I have successfully completed might 12 step recovery plan. Well thatís certainly how it feels with an SD-9: itís got more quirks than a French family car, and Iíve never quite recovered from some of t...0


    7 Sep 2021 8:31AM  |  Read


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  • Leaving early

    My mindset is that while Iím often late for things Iíd rather be early, so when Iím travelling i tends to leave a margin for error. So collecting a close force for my mother in law or from the far side of Nottingham led me to allow 2 hours for the ...0


    6 Sep 2021 10:37AM  |  Read


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  • Balanced on the mountain

    From a Melanie song, Little Bit of Me: the song goes on Ďwith the people all around, who say that Iíve been up too long, and want to bring me downíÖ It poses questions about perfection and aspiration. And it came to mind looking at an old photo maga...0


    4 Sep 2021 11:15AM  |  Read


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  • Helios and Nikon

    the adaptor to fit the Helios lens (see previous blogs and pictures) to a Nikon cost the princely sum of £3.95. That seemed a reasonable amount to risk on an uncertain experiment. And Iím delighted to say that the experiment was successful, in ter...0


    31 Aug 2021 3:18PM  |  Read


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  • Moving the boundaries, changing the rules

    I have a photographic friend who laments that he can take all the pictures he needs to take with his mobile phone, and that everyone can be a photographer these days. I agree with the first part of this but not with a second: and the first part is ...0


    26 Aug 2021 9:20AM  |  Read


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  • Reversal of fortune - and the front element!

    Iíve always been very wary of taking cameras apart, especially after trying to free up the diaphragm mechanism on a Minolta lens back in the Eighties. So it took a little convincing when I came across the suggestion that you can do interesting thin...0


    24 Aug 2021 8:24AM  |  Read


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  • Boxing cleverer

    Last year, I spent some money on having a model box designed and built. Iíve seen them around in various places, containing a variety of models both large and small. The challenge was to decide just how big it should be, and then to find a way to ...0


    20 Aug 2021 12:07PM  |  Read


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  • The photographic dog collar

    Regular readers (that seems very odd phrase for me to use in a blog, but I canít think of a better one) will know that my father was a clergyman. Some of them will know that he was a padre in the Royal Navy during World War Two, and that the Navy f...0


    14 Aug 2021 8:05AM  |  Read


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  • Dilemmas

    Well, Iíve just resolved one dilemma. Thatís the one where you have pictures of someone whoís died, and youíre not sure whether it is ethical or respectful to use any of them ever again. I thought about it, and decided that the best tribute to a p...0


    10 Aug 2021 11:29AM  |  Read


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  • Black Rock Cottage and Ashness Bridge

    Iíve written before about what I call the Ashness Bridge problem. Today, yet another beautiful picture of Black Rock Cottage in Glencoe has reminded me of the difficulty of taking new and creative images of famous Ė or joining notorious Ė beauty sp...0


    9 Aug 2021 11:02AM  |  Read


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  • Trying something new

    Is it time for a new challenge in your photography? After weekend offer from blogging Iíve woken up and realised that Iíve almost never tried intentional camera movement (aka ICM). So my challenge for the day is to go out and take some pictures wi...0


    3 Aug 2021 6:06AM  |  Read


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  • Lending your understanding

    I came across a lovely description of the MR Jamesís voice while reading a lesson in church as being delightful: he ďlend you his understandingĒ of the text. Even 100 years ago, this was quite an achievement for most listeners with a lesson from th...0


    30 Jul 2021 11:40AM  |  Read


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