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Plastic surgery


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Plastic surgery

2 Dec 2020 6:57AM   Views : 281 Unique : 181


Some girls do, and some girls don’t. And some photographers do, as well.

Now, without naming a product, I’m about to criticise the results it’s given me: possibly unfairly, because I’ve used default settings, and refinement is possible. For instance, for the lead image of Joely, I switched off most of the individual functions, and the result is a lot more natural than in other cases. But the skin is a bit Barbie, and the eyes a trifle manic…

A completely natural result of a model who understands very well that it’s about character as well as perfection works better, to my mind. We’d agreed to shoot ‘honest but kind’ images, and I wonder whether the processed version is either, in reality.


For the other image pairs in this article, I used the defaults including face-shaping. I chose Black Beauty and Lottii Rose because they, like Joely, are incredibly attractive. My thesis is that part of the attraction is in the ‘imperfections’ – the slight asymmetries, the occasional line, the distinctive nose or lips.


This is not, by any means, to say that the software is without its uses. There are probably many people who will prefer to see themselves as the software does, with the things that annoy them about their appearance ‘perfected’ – so I’ve used the plugin once in anger, so to speak, for a portrait of a middle-aged lady who was paying me to make her look more the way she wanted to be…


And while the default seems to be turned up to 11, there are possibilities with blending (providing you don’t use the shaping feature), and there are plenty of ways to modify the effects. But many people will use the default settings, I suspect.


As a control experiment, I shall attempt to take a portrait of my wife (who reckons I’m too slow shooting: I think she freezes in front of my camera, and not other people’s lenses). Anyway, I shall get some shots, and see whether she likes the perfected version…


After buying the software 18 months ago, I feel the need to explore it a little: and it may have a use one day. But on the whole, I shall stick to an unedited look, or use a different (and much more expensive) alternative that works on the skin and nothing else. Better still, it defaults to a much less idealised version: I’ve described the effect as burnishing, rather than softening.

But that’s a whole other blog, I reckon!



dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1777 England
2 Dec 2020 7:00AM
I note, though, that the software did a good job of detecting faces automatically, though it took a while with the image of Lottii lying down. Maybe the effort in designing and writing the package has gone into automating the process and making it powerful, rather than on making the defaults give optimum results... I'll be interested if others have found this kind of software really useful.
dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1777 England
2 Dec 2020 7:03AM
The first image is processed, the second is straight. In all other pairs, the processed version is the lower image.
chase Plus
15 2.0k 516 England
2 Dec 2020 1:03PM
Over doing any filter can result in some weird results, just because the sliders go up to 100% there is no need to use it all.
I do like to see some natural skin texture on a model though and some software insists on removing the lot Sad
Chrism8 14 965 27 England
2 Dec 2020 1:54PM
I do use this type of software occasionally, depends on the lass, I've turned off the face sculpting and turned the eye and skin adjustments off as well, i just tweak these to taste which is usually very little and agree with Chase's comment as above.
dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1777 England
2 Dec 2020 3:11PM
I will mention the name of the plugin I have recently bought, and am very pleased with - it seems incapable of plasticising skin, and I'm having great fun with it. So perhaps I really do need to write a future blog about Imagenomic!

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