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Resolution revolution


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Resolution revolution

11 Jan 2022 8:07AM   Views : 374 Unique : 200


Iíve been reading. In the Guardian Weekly, a series of ideas for making life better by doing the opposite of what articles on how to make life better normally suggest. My wife is very uncertain about learning to love my clutter! I think one of the recommendations is to avoid New Year resolutions.

Around Christmas, magazines and websites are full of things to do, creative ideas to try, and books to read. A couple of these in one print magazine have really caught my eye: so Iím going to suggest them here Ė assuming that the moderators donít take exception to them if, because there is a commercial angle to one of them.


The non-commercial one is called print swap, and takes a leaf from David Hurnís book. All through his working life as a photographer Hurn swapped prints with the other photographers and built up a collection of photographs reflecting the great and good of the photographic world. How about trying that here at Ephotozine? Would you like a print of one of the pictures Iíve posted here over the last year or two? If so, send me a message and Iíll have a shufti at your portfolio. If you canít print your own pictures at home, you could send me a digital file and Iíll print it: and of course I promise not to do additional prints.

Iíve got a couple of lovely prints around the house from other members of this website, and would be happy to add a few more. And if youíd like to minimise the costs all round, and can print at home, I can send you the file for my picture.


The more commercial idea comes from artist Matthew Burrows: supporting struggling artists during the pandemic, and as he envisaged it, the scheme works through Instagram. However, Instagram isnít necessary when thereís already a showplace for the artwork in question. ĎArtist support pledgeí suggests that individual artists offer their works through Instagram for a maximum price of £200. Every time they reach £1,000 of sales participating artists pledge to buy £200-worth of art from others.

There will be some members of the site who really are struggling with their finances, for whom selling a print or two might well be an excellent way to help pay the bills. Of course Iíd suggest a price rather lower than £200: I reckon that an A3 print should go for around £25 including post and packing, but I wouldnít be dogmatic.


From my point of view, such a scheme would be more about something interesting to do and keeping the moths out of my printer than the earning, so I would pledge £15 for each print to my local food bank. But it would all depend on site and moderator approval. Ephotozine isnít a place for commercial self-promotion. If any of the more social media savvy members fancy running this on Instagram, all you need is an appropriate hashtag Ė let me know when you set it up!

Print swap thoughÖ We can definitely do that, and if youíre interested please contact me.



dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
11 Jan 2022 8:08AM
Don't be shy - print-swapping could be good for the walls of your study...
Owdman Plus
6 9 26 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2022 9:54AM
I'm up for it John Smile but I'm not sure my wife would appreciate the image I like on the wall!
ugly Plus
14 9 58 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2022 10:25AM
Hi John very interesting write up. I would give you an image to print but other half would Kill me if I had any nice ladies printed on the wall.You not said what size you need for a print. If large file how would you revive the image? Take care Dave
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
11 Jan 2022 10:57AM
I'm open to all sorts of sizes - my basic choice is A3, and I think everything I post will print that size without much problem. On the other hand, usually the file JUST fits in an email as a JPG.

But it's not about size, so much as the idea of people - not just me - sharing and swapping images.
AltImages 2 2
11 Jan 2022 11:04AM
I like the idea of print swap John. Though I've never done it before. There's a couple of yours I particularly like. I find it saddening to read above that people fear making their own choices because of their wives' opinions though. However your wife might have similar reservations about some of my images on Purpleport or other places.
Owdman Plus
6 9 26 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2022 11:05AM
Hi John,
I always use wetransfer for sending big files. It's free and you can send up to 2GB. It sends a download link via email to the recipient and they have a week to download it off the wetransfer site.
JuBarney Plus
11 36 6 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2022 11:23AM
It sounds a great idea
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
11 Jan 2022 12:42PM
Wry comment, Paul. And may be...

Email deals with a lot, but a busy file can be too big: and I tend to use WeTransfer or (these days) WeSendIt, for the sake of its larger capacity (5Gb).
Owdman Plus
6 9 26 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2022 1:13PM
It's interesting that my uni walls had some raunchy posters for the day, every garage had calendars full of naked women, the Sun of course had 16 year old page 3s and beaches were full of topless women sunbathing, I'm afraid we've become antedeluvian, times have changed we'll soon be back to covering up table legs because they're too curvy Wink
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1947 England
11 Jan 2022 2:26PM
I remember poaching Mayfair calendars overprinted with a local builder's name for the internal audit office at Walsall Council... The architects' department was inundated with them, of course - and the audit budget wouldn't stretch to buying us a calendar per office AND a Boots desk diary each...
12 Jan 2022 9:39AM
I think this is a great idea John, and it will be interesting to see how many responses there are. I enjoyed immensely working on some of your beautiful images to make lenticular prints. My own images demonstrated the technique but didn't 'work' nearly as well artistically. Print exchange is another way of collaborating, and learning from each other, which this site really encourages!

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